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There is the attention of the owner of children at home, and the children's room is a small world for children to grow up. It not only provides a comfortable sleeping place for children, but also an all-round place for happy learning and free play, which is very critical for children's growth. Therefore, it is necessary to spend some time on decoration. In addition to the pursuit of appearance and function, the feng shui of children's room cannot be ignored, so how to decorate children's room, The editor of Wuhan home decoration network will tell you

decoration effect drawing of children's room

[Part1: orientation of children's room]

Feng Shui believes that the northwest orientation of the house symbolizes authority and massiness. It is the position of the head of the family and should be reserved for adults to make bedrooms. If the child sleeps here for a long time, although it can make him make great progress in some aspects, it will also make the child grow old and precocious, and lose the child's inherent innocence, which is not conducive to his learning and growth

children are called the sun at seven or eight o'clock in the morning. The room that can receive sunlight energy first at dawn is the most ideal children's room. Therefore, the children's room is preferred to be located in the east or southeast of the residence, and the East is the Zhengua, representing the eldest male; In the southeast is the xugua, representing the eldest daughter. For boys or girls at home, you can choose different room positions in turn. The head of the children's bed is better towards the East and Southeast. Because the East and Southeast five elements belong to wood, which is conducive to growth and is very beneficial to the height and health of children. However, if children have difficulty sleeping at night, they can choose the calmer West and North. And the bed head facing the South will lead to children's irritability, the Northeast will lead to children's carelessness, the southwest will lead to children's timidity, and the northwest will lead to children's premature, so it is best to choose carefully, because these positions are not conducive to children's growth

[Part2: bed layout]

1. The child bed cannot be set under the beam

2. If the bed is facing the window, the sunlight should not be too strong, and too strong sunlight is easy to get upset

3. Beds should not be on the balcony (that is, after the expansion, all or part of the children's beds are on the balcony), and it is not suitable to be close to the French window of the balcony

4. The bed should not be on or off the kitchen stove (prone to skin diseases, irritability), nor in the toilet

5. The feet of the bed do not flush the door (the feet are easy to sprain) or the toilet

[Part3: Children's desk furnishings]

1. Do not rush the door behind the desk, left and right

2. The desk should not face the toilet or lean back against the bathroom; The left and right cannot collide with the bathroom door of the toilet

3. Do not go up and down on the kitchen stove or the bathroom

4. It's best not to be oppressed by high objects in front of the desk (the bookshelf on the desk is unlucky)

5. The desk should not face the lane rush, road rush or water tower outside the house

[Part4: color of children's room]

the color inside the children's room also has a very important impact on children's mentality. First of all, the color should be light and elegant. Don't use too dazzling bright red and purple to avoid stimulating children. Don't use black and pure white, and use light blue as the bottom to decorate some grass green, bright yellow and pink colors, which can achieve a harmonious effect

[Part5: ground of children's room]

1. Wind chimes: don't hang too many wind chimes in children's room. These are all interference to children's mind, so as to avoid nervous decline caused by easy distraction

2. Mirror: especially when children are just sensible, it is most inappropriate to hang a mirror in the children's room, which is easy to make children uneasy and nervous

3. Electrical appliances: in order to reduce the risk of electronic radiation and electricity use, it is best not to put televisions, video recorders, computers and other electrical appliances in children's bedrooms, so that children's resistance will be reduced

4. Damaged dolls: the most important thing to avoid is dolls with damaged eyes, which are easy to make children evil. Not only can it not be damaged, but the child's doll can't be locked up





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