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Zhang Jun, general manager of zhanchen, believes that "water-based paint" will become a watershed in the development of China's furniture industry

the view of this article comes from the core view of Zhang Jun, general manager of Beijing zhanchen new materials Co., Ltd.


- "water based paint" will become a watershed in the development of China's furniture industry

IPO. Quietly push it.

with the success of Qumei home's IPO, it has attracted the attention of the whole industry for a time, and its "oil to water" project, which was successfully implemented in cooperation with zhanchen paint before its listing, Is the most important factor to clear the obstacles for its IPO

if the IPO of home furnishing enterprises will affect the future pattern of the whole Chinese home furnishing industry, the application of environmental friendly coatings, including water-based paint, will also be the most important link

from the formaldehyde incident of wood-based panels a few years ago to the VOC problem of coatings today, environmental protection has obviously become a topic that China's home manufacturing industry must face directly. The government's requirements for China's home manufacturing are becoming more and more strict. Compared with some painless "standards" thrown out in previous years, a series of "policies" issued in 2015 are real, including the "strictest" environmental protection law in history, The "consumption tax" directly targeted at solvent based coatings, and even the "pollution discharge regulations" that have been put on the agenda, so it seems that for most non-standard furniture enterprises, is it a change? Yes? It is imminent

point of view 1:

-- environmental protection coating is not only water-based paint, each enterprise should change according to its own characteristics

environmental protection should also be tried.

in terms of VOC, in addition to water-based paint, there are many kinds of coatings to choose from

solvent free UV is the most important option, which can be roller coated or sprayed, and the latest water-based UV is a better choice

for furniture enterprises, the choice of environmental protection coating upgrading must be made after careful analysis according to the characteristics of the enterprise. It includes a series of factors such as the characteristics of furniture products (such as flat parts suitable for UV, special-shaped parts suitable for water use, etc.), upgrading budget, production environment, personnel quality, etc., which must not be decided by patting your head

point two:

-- furniture enterprises need to go through a long process of "oil to water" in an all-round way.

whether it's Qumei home furnishing or Magnolia cabinet, the process of a large number of successful "oil to water" enterprises is not easy. From the initial project approval to continuous attempts, improvements and experiments, it often takes two years or more

although those enterprises are the first to "eat crabs", for most furniture enterprises, upgrading from oil-based paint to water-based paint, including the upgrading of coating automation, is not as simple as directly changing paint varieties as you think. Even applying some mature cases, it takes a long time to adapt

for those enterprises that lack successful experience, it will be even longer

having goals, planning, and not blindly pursuing environmental protection is the king.

point three:

-- not every paint enterprise is suitable for making water-based paint (environmental protection paint)

it has to be said that there is a certain threshold in the production and application of water-based paint and other environmental protection paint. On the one hand, the immaturity of product technology leads to higher R & D costs, including the immaturity of upstream raw materials; On the other hand, due to the lack of application and experience, the cost of talents and experiments in this field are on the high side

if the hard cost is the internal factor that restricts some coating enterprises from getting involved in environmental protection coatings, the requirements of furniture enterprises for environmental protection coating transformation are more difficult - compared with traditional oil paint, environmental protection coating transformation will involve not only the paint itself, but also the improvement of coating production system, the requirements for quality control of new products, as well as the requirements for furniture production personnel As for the systematic training of sales staff, such comprehensive and systematic requirements seem to be difficult for most small and medium-sized coating enterprises, while large coating enterprises, even if they are fully prepared for this, will also face challenges in the fierce market competition

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