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When it comes to decoration, owners who have decoration experience often dump a pile of “ Bitter water ”, This is not satisfied, that is not satisfactory, unfortunately, there are a lot of problems. The following is a compilation of 20 lessons learned by netizens from real money. Be careful when you decorate for the first time

novice decoration must read 20

1. House inspection is very important. After you get the key, you (preferably an expert) should check the room carefully, which determines your future 90% happiness. According to the current moral quality and professionalism of developers, there are certainly no fewer problems. Whether it's a big problem or a small problem, in short, it's an important basis for future negotiations with the property

2. For problems that need to be solved, we must take the trouble to find the property to solve. In addition to wasting phone charges, making a phone call has little effect. Now the treatment of the owner has not reached the level that can be solved by a phone call. It is best to negotiate face-to-face. Only by annoying him can he solve it. This is similar to eating in a small restaurant. Whoever is in a hurry will be served first

3. If it is the first heating, it is recommended that you turn on the plug later than normal time. Because the water was very dirty at the beginning, if it was not effectively treated, the first few that opened the plug almost became filters. I was in a hurry to heat, so I turned on the plug in the first batch. As a result, it took threeorfour days to solve the problem. It's not as good as turning on it after everything is normal

4. For friends who come into contact with decoration for the first time, previous learning is very necessary. There are many ways to learn: you can dive online and read relevant magazines &hellip& hellip; In short, all the knowledge related to decoration should be learned. Through these studies, you may not become an expert, but at least you are no longer an idiot and can know well. On this basis, I can extend my idea of home infinitely

5. In addition to theoretical study, you should also know more about the home decoration market in your spare time, such as the quality of service, the approximate price, the grade of products, and so on. Determine the approximate purchase location according to your actual consumption capacity. Don't be afraid of tiredness, grinding, and fat consumption. Only when you do your homework well in the early stage can you have less regrets later

6. Pay attention to the posts posted by experts on the Internet and the decoration Diaries of decoration friends. Some of the posts sent by experts have high technical content, from which you can enjoy formal decoration literacy; The diaries of pretending friends are closer to your life. Let his lessons not become your lessons, and let his regrets not become your regrets

7. The house type of the same community should be similar. When everyone starts to decorate, you might as well walk around and have a look. Each family will have their own ideas about decoration, draw some essence from it, and get rid of some dross. Practical examples may make you feel more

8. Many things can be booked. Maybe you are still some time away from the real decoration, but if you encounter something you particularly like at this time, you can order it first with a deposit. Anyway, the merchant doesn't charge a storage fee. The deposit is generally 100— 500 yuan, remember to let him write it clearly on the invoice, otherwise your deposit is likely to circulate in the form of donations

9. I think it is more effective to bargain with the boss than with the salesperson. The salesperson's profit is limited, and he can't be the owner himself; The boss can make a final decision and won't haggle with you too much

10. Store the phone number of the merchant of the purchased goods in your mobile phone, so that you can contact when you want to contact, instead of turning over the list one by one

11. It is true that there is no wave without wind. Those commodities, shopping malls and businesses with poor reputation must not try. You think, if it's really good, why do people say it's bad? Of course, if you have extraordinary curiosity, exploration spirit and fearless heroism, it's two things to say

12. Try to find a regular home decoration company, at least familiar. This is the consensus of most decorators, but it does not rule out that some owners take chances and hire “ Road guerrillas ”. Formal home decoration companies have a two-year warranty period in addition to the guarantee of home decoration materials and construction technology. Don't underestimate it. Without it, you may be in big trouble. For you, it may be harder to find those guerrillas than Americans to find bin Laden

13. Visit more home decoration companies. Shop around and give yourself more choice. Just like choosing a lover, what you are looking for is not necessarily the best, but it must be the most suitable. Home decoration companies have their own characteristics, so they should make choices according to their actual situation

14. A drop of water can reflect the brilliance of the sun. Pay more attention to details. When comrade Lenin met an officer who was about to perform a task, he found that one of his buttons was wrongly buttoned, so he hesitated. But this could not be the reason to reassign him, so he let the officer go. As a result, due to the officer's carelessness, the mission failed, causing irreparable losses. If you encounter a similar situation, don't hesitate

15. The selection of supervision company can be determined according to your actual situation. If I have time and know well, or have other candidates who meet these two conditions, I can supervise by myself; If you are a layman, my suggestion is to ask the supervisor. The supervision company is like your personal consultant, which will save you a lot of time and energy in study, so that you don't have to relive the nightmare of studying hard in high school

16. Carefully check the contents of the home decoration budget. The reputable home decoration company may also have loopholes. To fully understand the multifaceted nature and variability of people and the trouble they bring to you, try to believe the written description rather than the oral commitment. Some people make 180 promises every day, because they don't have to keep them at all

17. Before letting designers design their own house, they should have several ideas in their minds. In short, the more comprehensive and detailed you want to decorate your room, the better. Let the designer know your idea, so as to get twice the result with half the effort. You can also communicate with designers about your ideas and choose the best solution. Never leave your brain blank

18. It seems that colored walls are very popular now, and it looks really warm. Confirm whether the wall of your home should be painted in color so that the designer can design it for you. I struggled with this problem for several days, but finally I didn't dare to use it. I think the disadvantage of colored walls is that they need the colors of other objects to match them harmoniously, otherwise it will backfire. Moreover, buying related things in the future will also be subject to this limitation, so it's better to be calm with white heart, or gain or loss, and be considerate in advance

19. You should know the amount of silver in your pocket and don't go to see how much money you have after buying things, otherwise it will be very embarrassing. Not all designs are necessary, so appropriate trade-offs should be made

20. Pay attention to communicating with friends or other experts with decoration experience. Maybe their casual words will give you some inspiration and help. These are more practical than those recommended by the designer. You can also go to a friend's house with similar style to visit and Study on the spot. This kind of communication should be carried out continuously in the whole process of your home decoration. Believe me, you will definitely get something

editor's summary: I'll introduce the 20 necessary articles for novice decoration here first. I hope it can help you. For more wonderful information, please continue to follow and understand





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