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1、 Pain points of franchisees of aluminum alloy doors and windows

in the past, franchisees could earn money as long as they did a good job lying down. Now franchisees are facing more difficult difficulties than manufacturers. They should not only form their own teams, but also formulate various targeted promotional activities, and they can sell the goods after great efforts

there is no doubt that franchisees are most concerned about profitability. The most troublesome thing for franchisees is shipping, and what franchisees lack most is a wolf team to help franchisees expand the market. In addition, franchisees' own ability is also the biggest limit that hinders their development

II. What can aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers bring to franchisees

products: as long as the franchisee has a market and the manufacturer can make profits, the manufacturer can output a steady stream of products for the franchisee

money: many franchisees are weak, and the shortage of funds is the most common. Manufacturers can set up operating funds to jointly develop the market with franchisees

resources: if franchisees are regarded as individuals operating independently, manufacturers can be regarded as a network connecting these franchisees. Manufacturers can share the advantageous resources owned by these franchisees and jointly explore new business opportunities

people: equip the franchisees with KADS and even sales managers to help them solve talent problems

materials: franchisees keep doing promotional activities and roadshows, some of which can be obtained directly from manufacturers

ability: targeted training, and even direct front-line guidance from the company's leadership, help franchisees layout the market and improve their own ability at the same time

III. how can aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers and franchisees develop together? (general idea)

development is an endless topic. No matter how well the franchisees do, they also have their own weaknesses. The common development plan is to analyze the current situation of the franchisees and evaluate their capabilities, formulate corresponding strategies and marketing methods for the existing weaknesses of the franchisees, and guide the franchisees to carry out business planning, so as to help the franchisees improve their capabilities and obtain higher profitability

IV. specific contents and practices

1 Establish a United Front: establish a good cooperative relationship with franchisees and reach common development goals through effective communication

2. Objective evaluation: comprehensively analyze the market situation and the ability of franchisees, and formulate a clear development plan

3. Tracking Development: establish an information base of franchisees, continuously track the development of franchisees, analyze data weekly and monthly, review and summarize regularly, and constantly improve

4. Multi support: maximize the use of resources, provide all-round support from people and property to information, wisdom and social networking, and establish a consolidated cooperative relationship

if the franchisees develop well, the manufacturers will have a good life and further feed the market. In such an ecosystem, the advantageous cooperation and mutual benefit of all parties are bound to jointly create a benign market order and rapid development

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