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As we all know, many polluting gases will be produced during decoration, and some may stay at home for a long time. After the decoration, don't rush to live in, but ventilate for a period of time to let the potential decoration pollution sources volatilize. At the same time, many people have taken various ways to solve the decoration pollution, and the effect is good. What Xiaobian wants to share with Wuhan decoration owners today is the solution to decoration pollution. You can choose the most suitable one for you

decoration pollution solution three, flowers

placing plants in the home has become a relatively fashionable decoration trick, and many plants have the effect of purifying the air. For example, tiger Chlorophytum comosum and Chlorophytum comosum can absorb more than 80% of indoor formaldehyde, while aloe can absorb 90% of the total formaldehyde contained in 1 cubic meter of air; Milan and wintersweet can effectively remove sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances in the air. Chlorophytum comosum can "swallow" 96% of indoor carbon monoxide. Therefore, placing flowers in the home after decoration not only looks good, but also healthy

the above are the three methods introduced by Xiaobian to make decoration pollution unavoidable. You can also try them, hoping to help you decorate





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