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People will be curious about the decoration of the porch of the house, because in the structure of the house, the porch is equivalent to the throat. Therefore, many people will want to know whether there is some connection between the porch and Feng Shui

house porch decoration Feng Shui - material

first of all, we should choose the porch material, and it is best to choose the opaque material as the interval. This is because in the geomantic omen of houses, we pay great attention to "hiding wind and receiving gas". If you can make the wind achieve the effect of whirling, you can achieve the effect of dissolving evil spirits

however, we must pay attention to the size and height of the porch. The size and height of the porch should be equal to the size and width of the gate, so as to maximize the effect

Feng Shui decoration of the house porch - orientation

the porch is the throat of the house and the place where the entrant leaves his first impression of the house. Entering the living room from the gate, the porch serves as a buffer area, allowing the entrant to calm down in a short time, so the orientation of the porch is very important

setting the porch to the left or right of the main gate is conducive to Feng Shui. However, the porch and the door of the house must not be connected in a straight line, so that people outside can directly peek into everything in the house, which has a negative effect on the confidentiality of the house

Feng Shui in the decoration of the porch of the house - color

try to avoid using dark or dark colors in the selection of the main tone of the porch. Dark and dark colors can easily make people feel depressed, or have great changes in psychological character, which will have an adverse impact on the stability of the house

in particular, the color of the porch should not be the red of "solitary Yang" or the black of "solitary Yin". These two colors will make family members have extreme personalities, and family members are also prone to quarrel and get tangled with diseases, and house luck will also fall significantly. In addition, black, dark gray and other decorations are also easy to provoke some supernatural phenomena

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