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How do printing enterprises steer in the post crisis era

the World Bank predicted in the semi annual report on East Asian economy released this year that with the support of large-scale fiscal and monetary stimulus measures, China's economy is expected to recover in the middle of the year and achieve a comprehensive recovery in 2010

the survey recently released by the China entrepreneur survey system also shows that entrepreneurs are cautious and optimistic about the judgment of China's macroeconomic situation. Among them, foreign-funded enterprises are relatively more worried. According to the data, 17.4% of the business operators thought that the macroeconomic situation in the first quarter was very good or better, and 41.6% thought that it was average; 41% of those who think that they are poor or very poor should be marked, an increase of 16.9 percentage points over 2008. In the survey on the expected operating conditions of enterprises in the second quarter, 24.3% of the enterprise operators believed that the operating conditions of enterprises would improve in the next period, and 60.9% of them believed that the operating conditions would remain unchanged. This shows that although the current situation is still difficult, the business operators' expectations for the future are cautious and optimistic

the survey shows that in the face of the financial crisis that began on Wall Street last year, most enterprises have obviously felt the spring breeze, and the economic recovery is an indisputable fact. For printing enterprises, how to adjust their mentality and grasp more opportunities in this post crisis era

in the first quarter of this year, as the business of most printing enterprises was off-season, the sales and profits of a considerable number of enterprises decreased slightly compared with the same period of last year. However, after entering the second quarter, the orders received by enterprises increased significantly, and a considerable number of enterprise operators predicted that the business conditions of enterprises would improve in the second quarter. Many enterprises are in urgent need of financing. It is hoped that the state will increase its support for small and medium-sized printing enterprises and encourage financial institutions to stimulate economic growth by means of credit

as for how to reduce the risks brought by the world-wide crisis to the operation of printing enterprises, I recently interviewed printing enterprises in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Tianjin, Beijing and Shandong. Some people said that they should deal with the crisis by expanding and strengthening their main business; It is hoped to reduce or avoid the impact of the crisis through diversified or differentiated management; It is proposed to take the enterprise alliance 6 End of the experiment: when the experiment reaches the standard requirements, it will automatically stop the road of combination and keep warm together. A variety of countermeasures are taken. But the most heard voices are: seeking opportunities in times of crisis, seizing the opportunity of preferential equipment prices brought about by the crisis, accelerating the pace of technological transformation, transformation and upgrading, enhancing the ability to innovate and provide value-added services to customers, and preparing for a long-term crisis; At the same time, it also calls on the relevant national departments to formulate implementation rules for the industry favorable policies that have been issued as soon as possible, so as to facilitate the implementation of the policies by all regions as soon as possible. Gb/t11352 (2) 009 cast carbon steel parts for general engineering

some authoritative economists pointed out that in the post crisis era, the most important thing for us is not to think about the present, but more about the development after the crisis. Therefore, we should not only solve the previous business problems, but also seek to solve the long-term development problems. As the leader of a printing enterprise, he should be more aware of the key point of strategic transformation. The era that he can survive for eight years by low labor cost, low technology level, protective policies and extensive management has passed. He must actively adapt to environmental changes, adjust the enterprise development strategy, and accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading to achieve better survival and development. The financial crisis calls for accelerating the pace of transformation and upgrading

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