How to spot color plate making in PageMaker

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How to perform spot color plate making in PageMaker

spot color plate making is to make only one color plate during plate making without multi-color overprint. Special colors are printed with spot color ink or by ink adjustment. Spot color is usually the field density, and the eye tone is less

in the spot color plate making of PageMaker software, it is important to pay attention to the sub menu definition color under the single component of the lower color palette and the dishes should be kept clean (it is better to clean after each experiment). Use the submenu to determine the color, and you will see that pagemaker6.0c divides the color into primary color and spot color; Similarly, the 5.0cs version is divided into mixed color and monochrome, and the 6.5c version is corresponding to the separate color and printing color

if no more than four colors are used for printing, the default color among the four basic colors can be used to replace the spot color. On the contrary, if there are more than four colors, the spot color of the field density and the spot color of the eye tone prepared in Photoshop are all placed in the PageMaker file. Because the spot color of the field density is a black bitmap mode, the color can be changed in Photoshop

method: select any primary color (red, green, blue) from the palette, or define a primary color to color it in the dialog box that pops up in the submenu define color. Of course, if the spot color is a simple line or color block that can be made by text or PageMaker, Photoshop is no longer necessary. The spot color produced by Photoshop can be divided into two PageMaker files by renaming and storing the spot color and the four basic colors on the premise that the size of the PageMaker file and the position of the image and text remain unchanged, so as to avoid the dislocation of the image and text and the inaccurate overprint of the output film

the next step is to print in PageMaker, transfer rip, and output film. Select color separation in the print dialog of PageMaker, and then handle it separately according to different spot colors

1 1 1 1 1 1 the printing color is not more than four colors, because each color version is only in yellow, magenta, cyan and black. After setting the excellent options of each Jinan assay tensile machine software in the printing dialog box, each color separation film can be output by using primary color printing and spot color printing

2. Because spot color printing will only output the four basic color versions of yellow, magenta, cyan and black, and cannot output each spot color version defined as the primary color; If the primary color version is used, each color version can output film

b ﹐ spot color version is the eye tone file placed by Photoshop. Because color replacement cannot be completed in PageMaker and output directly, the spot color will only appear on the four basic color plates of yellow, magenta, cyan and black, and the purpose of spot color plate making cannot be realized. The two files stored separately in PageMaker can be output as yellow, magenta, cyan and black base natural color version and spot color version respectively

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