How to surpass the green packaging trade barrier

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According to relevant media reports, in recent years, developed countries in Europe and the United States have increased the packaging of import and export commodities, especially the inspection standards for China's export food packaging, from the original several items to dozens of items now, so that some of China's export commodities are blocked by the increasingly serious "green packaging barriers", which to some extent has affected the export trade of China's agricultural and sideline products. Recently, relevant experts from the Ministry of Commerce clearly pointed out that China should be vigilant against green trade barriers, including green packaging barriers, and actively take measures to deal with them. This problem should attract the attention of China's export commodity packaging enterprises

characteristics of green trade barrier

green trade barrier and green packaging barrier refer to the situation that when the Rockwell hardness tester is used to test the hardness of sheet metal, thin-wall pipe, case hardened steel and small parts in international trade activities, the importing country, on the grounds of protecting natural resources, ecological environment and human health, formulates strict standards and relevant systems so that foreign products cannot be imported or imported. 3 The spindle speed can be divided into four levels 334; 673; 1470; 2961 rpm is subject to certain restrictions, so as to achieve trade protection measures to protect domestic products and markets

many experts believe that green trade barriers and green packaging barriers are a three edged sword, and we should pay special attention to them. First of all, in terms of form, green packaging barrier is to meet the requirements of global environmental protection, and the restriction on trade freedom has external rationality. On the other hand, in essence, it is the combination of trade protection and environmental protection. It is a new form of non-tariff barriers in trade protection, with inherent concealment. Therefore, green trade barriers and green packaging barriers have become a kind of non-tariff barriers widely used in developed countries. In addition, green trade barriers and green packaging barriers take many forms, making it impossible to prevent them. These forms mainly include: Green tariff system, green technology standard system, green environmental labeling system, green packaging system, green health and quarantine system, etc. Among them, there are many kinds of green packaging systems, such as high and perfect packaging standards, packaging technology, packaging materials, packaging labels, etc. formulated by developed countries. Packaging material standards often include the recycling, reuse and regeneration systems of packaging wastes, which are environmental protection measures taken to prevent packaging materials and packaging wastes from harming the environment, or packaging containers with unreasonable structure may damage the health of users. The result is that some overly strict green packaging standards are not easy to achieve, which hinders the foreign trade of developing countries and leads to trade disputes

how to cross the green packaging barrier

according to relevant media reports, in some of China's export commodities with a common understanding of the history and operating procedures of mechanical experimental machines, the annual loss caused by the contradiction between imperfect packaging and green trade barriers and green packaging barriers is as high as more than 30 billion yuan. This figure continues to show an upward trend after China's accession to the WTO. We believe that to cross the green packaging barrier, we should start from four aspects:

① implementing international law. After China's accession to the WTO, it is our duty to implement international law and rules. For example, the International Framework Convention on tobacco control, which officially entered into force in 40 countries around the world on February 27th, 2005, is an important regulation in the current world. The Convention will undoubtedly make cigarette manufacturers spend a lot of money to replace packaging. The State Tobacco Monopoly Administration said that the tobacco price, packaging, tobacco advertising and other provisions involved in the Convention have a particularly significant impact on the publicity and production of the tobacco industry, and it is inevitable to invest a huge amount of money to replace the packaging and redesign the outer packaging. Relevant people said that according to the requirements of the Convention, "smoking is harmful to health" warnings should account for more than 30% of the outer packaging area of cigarette boxes, while the warnings of "smoking is harmful to health" in the current Chinese cigarette packaging design are generally not obvious and small. It will cost a lot to redesign the brand and reprint. As for when to start the packaging replacement plan, the state tobacco monopoly administration is still working out a plan

② meet the challenge. From the overall and long-term interests of human society, we must adapt to the requirements of global environmental protection and sustainable development, meet the challenge of green trade barriers, and promote the development of foreign trade while improving China's environmental protection level. China should speed up the pace of environmental protection laws in line with international standards and narrow the distance between China and developed countries in environmental protection level; We should actively implement ISO14000, actively promote cleaner production law, improve the quality of products and packaging, and enhance the international competitiveness of products; Try to speed up the pace of China's environmental label certification system in line with international environmental standards

③ pay attention to packaging differences. The packaging labels of our country sometimes differ from the customs of some countries, so we must pay close attention to them. According to Xinhua News Agency on January 16, 2005, our spokesman pointed out that some Indonesian media said that the tsunami relief food provided by China to Indonesia was "expired and inedible", and broadcast the date on code for fire protection design of interior decoration of packaging bag buildings gb50222 (1) 995 with close-up lens as "December 10, 2004". Our spokesman pointed out that some people with ulterior motives took advantage of the differences between Chinese food packaging and labeling practices and those of other countries, took advantage of the fact that local victims did not know Chinese characters, falsely claimed that China provided "expired" disaster relief food to Indonesia, deliberately created trouble and misled the Indonesian people. Their intentions were very sinister. The date of production marked on the outer packaging of food assisted by China is in line with the requirements of Chinese laws and regulations... But this also reminds us that the packaging of export commodities should pay special attention to the differences between countries

④ combine initiative with resistance. Business experts believe that starting from the development trend of Global trade liberalization, we should resist the green barrier trade protectionism in the name of environmental protection. At the same time, China should also play an active role in international affairs and make full use of the relevant rules of WTO to protect its own interests; In addition, China should actively participate in the discussion and judgment on the relationship between environmental protection and trade in the international community, and participate in the formulation of international environmental protection and trade rules; We should make full use of the WTO dispute settlement mechanism, prevent the distortion of trade restrictions, avoid trade disputes from many aspects, and break through the green packaging trade barriers

in a word, vigilance against green packaging trade barriers is one of the important work contents of every manufacturer and packaging worker, and must not be taken lightly

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