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Fierce competition in art coating market! How to stand out

fierce competition in the art coating market! How to stand out

december 10, 2020

in recent years, there has been a burst of artistic wind in the coating industry

the number of artistic coating brands in the market has increased year by year

formed a diverse and dazzling industry pattern

who will be the ultimate winner in such a fierce competition in the artistic coating market

01. Relevant industry standards for art coatings in August, 2020, Foshan coating industry association and Shunde coating chamber of Commerce in difficult areas where plastic hardness is insufficient issued two group standards, namely, t/sdtl architectural thick coating and t/sdtl architectural thin coating

the two group standards issued this time were proposed and drafted by Foshan Shunde coating chamber of Commerce, with the participation of more than 10 units. They stipulate the classification, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marks, packaging, storage and other aspects of thin coating and thick coating art coatings. The standard also breaks the traditional horizontal brushing method and creatively puts forward the concept of vertical rolling brushing; According to the construction thickness, art coatings are divided into thick coating type and thin coating type. For thick coating type, targeted test items are added, such as initial drying crack resistance, bond strength, etc.

the significance of formulating art coatings industry standards is to promote the development of art coatings towards institutionalization and standardization, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and provide inspection basis for enterprises' foreign trade. At the same time, it also provides inspection basis for enterprise project acceptance and jointly promotes the quality improvement of art coating industry

02. Based on environmental protection and green escort

in recent years, the state has paid more and more attention to the environmental protection of industrial products, and has been increasing the supervision on environmental protection of coatings. The transformation and upgrading of the coating industry from oil to water and from oil to powder has been accelerated. Especially, architectural coatings such as art coatings are the focus of market supervision. They comply with environmental protection, ride the wind and waves, and continuously improve to meet market demand


the common art coating brands in the Chinese market are all water-based coatings, and non-aqueous coatings are rarely seen. Compared with oil-based paint, water-based paint is more popular in the Chinese market. It meets the environmental protection standards, is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. If anyone is the king of art paint from the source of green, it must be art water paint

it is really a demanding thing to achieve authentic water paint worthy of the name. Art water paint is not only a highly environmentally friendly water paint, but also a highly aesthetic art paint. Some electronic parts and circuit boards are very sensitive to static electricity. According to the exposure of the regulatory authorities, there are still large batches of fake artistic water paints in the market. Passive regulation and disorderly market have allowed them to survive, but this is ultimately a road of no return. To realize full computer control and print standard experiment reports by connecting computer printers; The experimental data curve can be dynamically displayed by Windows operating system, and the experimental data can be deleted and added at will, which makes the operation of the curve easier relaxed. Curve traversal can be performed anytime, anywhere Overlay Detach Zoom Printing and other full electronic display monitoring To be a winner in the market, we must not go astray. The right way to comply with the market demand is the king way

03. Fast step towards process standardization

art paint is not an ordinary traditional paint. Art paint is a new and fashionable wall decoration material. With this customer, it is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of cold-rolled sheet and downstream hot-dip galvanized coil. At the same time, its construction process is also very complex and demanding. The construction process of art paint is not only an important consideration standard for our dealers to settle in, but also the key for our consumers to choose when buying art paint brands

in order to break through the process problems at the grass-roots level, art coating enterprises must make rapid strides towards the standardization of construction process, not only achieve the overall unity, but also achieve distinct personality. Only in this way can we win the first place in the dominant grass-roots process and become the shoulder of the art coating market

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