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How to take the road of innovation for domestic instruments scientific and technological innovation is the foundation for building a modern scientific and technological power and promoting industrial scientific and technological progress. The self-equipping level of scientific instruments is one of the important symbols of national independent innovation ability. Sharp tools make good work. As a world-class consumer market of scientific research instruments and equipment, China is not commensurate with its market share of Chinese enterprises. Most scientific research instruments and equipment are monopolized by foreign brands. It is a common problem faced by domestic high-end scientific research instrument and equipment enterprises at present to keep a huge market but "cannot be sold at all"

compared with domestic instruments, imported instruments are still regarded as a pastry. The fixed thinking of "import is better than domestic" still exists in China. If you want to develop your own domestic market and develop core technologies, you need to establish a third-party platform to provide authoritative evaluation. However, how to accelerate the rapid development of the domestic scientific instrument industry, so that more users can understand and trust the domestic instruments, is a difficult problem that has been explored all the time

at present, domestic instruments have gradually caught up with foreign products in terms of price, quality and performance. However, due to early technical problems, domestic data show that the instrument has no competitive advantage in China, but has been in an unfair competition environment for a long time. For example, the sales volume of polyester optical film chips is 3000 tons. Today, even if domestic instruments in some fields have the technology that can match or even catch up with imported instruments, they often "sit on the sidelines" in domestic instrument bidding meetings

for a long time, the bidding process of domestic instruments and meters has been controversial. It often occurs that county-level units purchase imported products at high prices, and pure water instruments, centrifuges and other products with a high degree of localization need to purchase imported products. Some units are even proud of having imported instruments. However, on the one hand, they buy imported instruments at a high price, and then they are not willing to use them; On the other hand, domestic instruments with high cost performance can not be sold, or even get the opportunity to test and verify. The embarrassing situation of domestic testing instruments has existed for quite a long time

for users, the absence of authoritative technical certification data is an important factor that makes them afraid to purchase domestic instruments and equipment. Many units prefer to buy imported instruments at a high price because they do not understand the scope of application of domestic instruments and equipment and are afraid of risks and immature technology

domestic instruments must continue to reflect on their own shortcomings, and do not be "a dou" that the government can not support. Although "the smell of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley", when researchers follow the policy into the "alley", they do not smell the satisfying "smell of wine", and they will never step into it again next time. In addition, in the face of market monopoly, instrument enterprises blindly fight price war to attract customers, which is not only not enough, but also more suitable for the production of small precision injection molding products in terms of molding precision, manufacturing precision, temperature control precision, etc; Accelerate the development and utilization of small, multi-functional special functional film production equipment; Accelerate the development and utilization of low weight, light weight and micro coating equipment; Speed up the development of micro forming processing equipment and use enough profits to support subsequent research and development, which will also degrade its own brand image. Only when the domestic instrument industry makes its own instrument products in a down-to-earth manner and straightens the backbone of domestic instruments with excellent quality and technology, can it have a solid foundation in the competition

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