The two most popular perfume make you more feminin

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Two types of perfume make you more feminine

with the development of human society, perfume plays an increasingly important role in daily work and social life. Perfume is a kind of temptation and a symbol of personality. What kind of perfume you like vaguely represents your character. Perfume is like a man. Every woman has her own taste. "Who" is the flavor you miss? Perfume and fruit fragrance are two common flavor types in the perfume full-automatic spring testing machine precision load tester, which exceed the traditional design concept and integrate the precise measurement requirements of many customers in specific use

the charm of fruit

sweet European blackberry, brown fig, slightly sour pineapple, perceptual mango, yellow transparent apricot, light and attractive lemon, sweet orange... What kind of fantasy and taste do you have for fruit in the cold and dark of winter? The aroma of innocent is like a fragrant apple, which makes people have a desire to kiss the fragrance. Some sweet, looking for the clarity of the soul. A 50ml bottle of perfume is worth 55 euros

tommy girl jeans literally has a lively and three-dimensional olfactory effect. The fresh fruit fragrance also contains the fragrance of flowers. It is especially suitable for some jeans or pure face clothing. 50ml is sold for 39.5 euros

the taste of elegant plants has the tenacity of trees, which is an invitation from dreams. Or a little imagination in the ancient country. Like perfume itself, it brings people a pair of wings of imagination through smell

the lure of spices

spices are the passion in life, like the refreshing taste in delicious dishes. It also plays an important role in world culture. Pepper grown in India and Madagascar is often used to make beer to improve the delicacy of dishes; Cardamom flower comes from Indonesia and Sri Lanka. The improvement and improvement of the system design, integration and manufacturing level of vanadium battery will also significantly reduce the cost. It is a sweet smell in the fragrance. Ginger is produced in China, Japan and Africa. It has always been the best in smell and sense among spices. In such a number of perfume, the unique charm of natural spices has also become a masterpiece. Sichuan people like to use "no swing" to describe good personnel who cannot be described. The automatic hammer lifting mechanism is installed on the rocker arm. There are also many things that can only be understood but not explained. It seems that people have commented on Eau desmerveilles' perfume. Whether the magic fragrance is good or not, the price of 50ml plus 54 Euros can be widely debated by women

a masterpiece of Michael kros, which has the elegance of flowers and the taste of hot spices. If you want to find the passion in the soul in the sense of smell, this is an ideal choice. The 50 ml beautifully designed perfume bottle costs 60 euros

clinique simply gives people a warm and comfortable first impression in smell, just like its dazzling orange appearance. Just like the warm sun shining on the Buddha in the recent spring. The price of 47 euros is also reasonable for 50 ml

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