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How to go about the Internet transformation of the automotive aftermarket

Abstract: in this era of Internet, the management of auto repair stores is no longer to make decisions, but to formulate scientific store optimization plans through data, so that each data is a little better than yesterday. Only in the long run can the stores develop healthily, otherwise the road will be narrower and narrower

after 2016, simply "Internet +" guiding stores cannot solve the fundamental problem of the post market. In this year, letter distribution went through many repair garages. In fact, the average retention rate of customers transferred from the Internet to the store was less than 1%. This result is actually enough to explain the problem

the post market is different from all industries. Unlike travel, no matter what the car is and who drives it, you can send passengers to where they want to go; It's not like taking out food. Just choose what you like to eat and deliver it to the customer. What the customer wants is fast. It doesn't taste good once, and it's OK to change the next time

however, the market is different. The customer's choice to repair in a shop must be determined by multiple dimensions. After all, cars are the second largest consumption of a family except for houses. Moreover, they are consumer goods that are very prone to problems. Therefore, the psychological threshold for choosing a repair shop is relatively high

however, the interconnection transformation of the auto repair plant is a must, so you will find that how to make good use of the interconnection tools to achieve the growth of store customers and profits is a problem that every boss with dreams has to think about, because this is the general trend

the implementation of "+ interconnection" can be achieved through the following steps:

1. Reverse o2o

reverse o2o is simply to channel your old customers and customers from the Internet to your online platform through offline activities. Now the relatively simple and reliable online tools mainly include the following three types:

1. Official account with the functions of making an appointment and querying maintenance records

2, customer group

3 Personal

however, no matter which method is used, it only achieves one goal for the mechanical properties of gb/t 3098.7 ⑵ 000 fasteners self extruding screws: let customers find you as soon as they want to contact you anytime, anywhere, and occupy the online entrance. Operating a store is like raising fish. If you want to keep catching fish, you must have enough fish in your pool. Therefore, reverse o2o is actually the process of putting fry in the pool

2. Online operation

if there are fish in the pool, it is necessary to make the fish active through various baits. For example, the information push of the official account, the activity invitation, the communication in the customer group, the question answering of the customer's car use, the group sending red envelopes, etc., let the customer know you from another angle, so as to recognize you more and become your hard core customer

of course, this is the most difficult thing to do. Most stores do not have this operating capability. Therefore, it is necessary to find appropriate third-party tools and platforms to assist with this, such as the micro management system and corresponding services of the letter distribution

3. Forward o2o

as the saying goes, everyone runs on the back of the mountain. In fact, online drainage is really the most reliable thing to rely on. Every customer who comes to the store, whether new or old, should not let go. We must try every means to let him into your pool, in other words, put yourself into his pool. Preconceived ideas are the iron rule of Internet. As long as you occupy the customers and continue to operate, you will find yourself one day

this is the reliable internet transformation thinking. But the most important work is still to be done

4. Store digitalization

when it comes to Internet, we must talk about a key word: big numbers. To judge and evaluate the quality of any industry or store in the interconnected world, you can pull out the data at a glance. You don't need to see whether the decoration of the store is high, whether the service attitude of the employees of your load cell is good, or whether your maintenance technician is professional. You can understand the actual situation by analyzing the data

for example, the number of base plate customers, the proportion of new and old customers, and the turnover rate. The staff of the post office enthusiastically help customers check the one-time repair rate, inventory turnover rate, customer unit price, additional item rate, re purchase rate, etc. for example, each data has a standard value of the store, and there are corresponding prescriptions to optimize if it fails to meet the standard

for example, the one-time repair rate is determined by attitude and technology, and the increase rate is determined by the marketing ability of employees' related products

in this Internet era, the management method of the auto repair shop is no longer to make decisions, but to formulate a scientific store optimization scheme through the data, so that each data is a little better than yesterday. Only in the long run can the store develop healthily, otherwise the road can only be narrower

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