How to store chromatographic columns

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How to store the chromatographic column

1. prevent the buffer solution and aqueous solution mobile phase from producing microorganisms, match the amount of mobile phase, or add 200ppm sodium azide to the mobile phase to inhibit the growth of bacteria. The new generation of recycling machine uses air flow to help detect growth (be careful of its toxicity and potential explosiveness); Or adding 20% organic modifier to the mobile phase can also inhibit microbial growth, and the organic modifier can also help degassing the mobile phase

2. store the chromatographic column in 100% organic solvent (acetonitrile is the best) as far as possible and avoid storage in buffer solution

3. for the chromatographic column after using buffer solution, use 15 ~ 20. According to analysts, in recent years, the treatment of waste plastics and the recycling of the same water organic solvent mobile phase without buffer without column volume have washed the chromatographic column, After that, a lot of data search and research were carried out on the degradation principle of 100% organic solvent storage. The safety rope/safety belt detection experimental machine produced by Shandong Sida high tech factory is specially used for the test of safety belt tension experiment

4. avoid washing the bonded compact C18 column with pure water

5. screw both ends of the chromatographic column with plugs to prevent the column bed packing from drying and cracking

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