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As we all know, China is a country with a large population but relatively insufficient resources, and environmental protection requirements are increasingly prominent. Since the reform and opening up, the construction industry has developed rapidly and has become a major pillar industry in China. The construction machinery associated with it should meet the requirements of environmental protection and resource conservation in its life cycle from manufacturing to scrapping. Therefore, the realization of green building and green building machinery is a goal that needs the joint efforts of the whole industry with the process of China's industrialization. Only when China's economic growth is unified and coordinated with environmental protection and effective utilization of resources can we achieve sustainable development

China should take the path of sustainable development, and it is urgent to develop energy-saving and green buildings. The State Environmental Protection Administration and the National Bureau of statistics have launched green GDP pilot projects in 10 provinces and cities, with environmental accounting and pollution economic loss surveys as the content. The so-called green GDP is to deduct the cost of economic losses caused by environmental pollution, natural resource degradation, low education, poor management and other factors from the current GDP. It not only reflects the quantity and quality of economic growth, but also can more scientifically measure the real development level of a country and region

after more than 50 years of development, China's construction machinery has become an industry with more than 20 categories of products with poor crack resistance and an annual output value of more than 100 billion yuan. It also has a certain impact on the world construction machinery market. With the continuous increase of the variety and quantity of construction machinery, the resources consumed by a large number of construction machinery, the pollutants discharged, as well as the noise and dust generated in the construction have produced an incalculable load on the environment. However, many enterprises have not completely got rid of the traditional mode of high energy consumption, low efficiency, heavy pollution and extensive

since the 1990s, construction machinery in developed countries has entered the information development period. Energy conservation and environmental protection, safety technology, automatic control technology, visualization technology, ergonomics, fault diagnosis and monitoring system, cluster operation information and control and other aspects have been widely valued, and the corresponding technical standards have been issued. China's environmental protection and energy-saving construction machinery started late, and there is still a lack of corresponding technical regulations and standards. The indicators related to environment, safety, man-machine and other aspects are too low, which hinders the development of green construction machinery in China

in recent years, international trade disputes are gradually shifting from tariff barriers to environmental barriers. "Environment" has become a new factor restricting and limiting trade liberalization. The product design and manufacturing of construction machinery should consider the requirements of environmental and ecological development. The development of environmental protection

and energy-saving products is the development trend of construction machinery in the future

however, the development of environmental protection and energy-saving construction machinery must comply with the national industrial policy. For example, the development of concrete products machinery is closely connected with the development of green building materials and new wall materials. In terms of blocks, we should strengthen the production of natural lightweight aggregate concrete blocks, and develop fly ash concrete blocks, fly ash ceramsite blocks, and aerated concrete blocks at the same time; In terms of brick products, we should develop lime sand bricks, coal gangue bricks, fly ash bricks, etc., replace solid clay bricks with building blocks, control the destruction of farmland and burning bricks, and comprehensively utilize industrial emissions to protect land resources. No matter how good a mechanical product is, if it does not meet the requirements of environmental protection, it has no prospects for development

at the same time, the development of environmental protection and energy-saving construction machinery is inseparable from the reform of construction technology and construction process. In the construction, the on-site processing shall be minimized, and the construction components and materials shall be manufactured in factory. The assembly and mechanized operation shall be carried out on site, such as the promotion and application of ready mixed concrete; In April 2015, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the national development and Reform Commission issued the notice on the implementation of financial support policies for the use of new energy vehicles in 2016 (2) 020, which focuses on the processing and distribution of steel bar molding, steel bar welding molding and other components; Adopt advanced construction technology to reduce on-site wet operations. For example, new wall panels replace on-site masonry and plastering. According to China's geological conditions, most areas can adopt the rotary excavation method of static slurry wall protection instead of the drilling method of reverse circulation of slurry

therefore, building machinery products want to have a good development prospect, which is inseparable from energy conservation and environmental protection. As an advocate and practitioner of green construction machinery, Zhengzhou Fengtai construction machinery wholesale firm always takes "energy conservation and environmental protection" as its own responsibility, and always puts the responsibility of environmental protection in the first place, because Fengtai people understand that only when the environment is good, products will have a broader market

Zhengzhou Fengtai construction machinery wholesale firm is a self-employed enterprise engaged in the distribution and wholesale of construction machinery, hoop bending machine, cutting machine, straightening machine, vibrator, vibrating rod, bending machine, rammer, ash remover, road cutting machine, engraving machine and other products. Its products sell well in the market and enjoy a high position among consumers. In addition, Fengtai company has also established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many retailers and agents, which stems from the complete variety of Fengtai products, reasonable prices and perfect services

at present, Fengtai company mainly produces dozens of products, such as cutting machine, polishing machine, bending machine, vibrating rod and so on


cutting machine is produced according to jg/t5085-1996 standard and is suitable for ordinary carbon steel, hot-rolled round steel and deformed steel in all kinds of reinforced concrete

concrete in construction engineering. Flat steel, square steel and angle steel can also be cut. It is small in size, light in weight, compact in structure, solid and reliable. Not only has good lubrication performance and less function loss, but also the front wheels can be steered, excited and flexible, and convenient maintenance

the gasoline electric trowel produced by Fengtai company is the latest domestic machine for rough and fine troweling of concrete surface. After the construction of this machine, the surface is smoother and smoother, which can greatly improve the compactness and pressure resistance of the concrete surface. It can greatly improve work efficiency, and can improve efficiency dozens of times more than human work. Now it is widely used in concrete pavement, floor, airport, floor, etc

steel stirrup bending machine is a kind of steel bar bending equipment for engineering. This machine has the advantages of simplified bending process, high work efficiency, convenient use, neat bending, arbitrary adjustment of bending angle and size, and can bend round steel made of (16) mm into various geometric shapes required by construction projects

the vibrating rod adopts primary rubber steel wire braided hose, the external rubber tension is 8Mpa, the external rubber hardness is 80-2, the skeleton structure is 1000 n force, and the elongation is 0,3-1%. The hose steel belt is 40 manganese, 65 manganese, the flexible shaft is all 70 # steel, and the rod head is 45 # heel screw. Industrial aluminum profiles, automobile exhaust catalysts and lithium battery materials are expected to benefit from their large vibration force, good folding resistance and strong wear resistance. It is suitable for medium and large bridges, port construction, large dams on expressways, hydraulic power plants, cast-in-place column piles for high-rise building foundations, dense reinforced concrete walls and medium and large construction projects. It is an important tool to ensure and improve the quality of concrete construction

in addition, Fengtai company also produces many kinds of products, such as slag removers, rammers, vibrators, road cutting machines, etc. the manufacturing of its products adopts green technology, which maximizes the energy conservation and rational utilization of resources from the aspects of design, manufacturing, use and recycling

as an important industry in China's economic development, construction machinery is playing an increasingly important role in the modernization drive. With the progress of the times and the development of society, the greening of construction machinery has become a trend, and will play an important role in human survival and environmental protection

green I go first, Fengtai people have been working hard

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