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Ferro began to produce masterbatches in Indonesia

Ferro is a joint venture with Sinar Mas Group, a family enterprise of eKa tjip TA Widjaja in Indonesia, located in Cikarang, West Java, Pt ferro MAS dinamika. It is a color masterbatch manufacturer and began production in October last year

pt ferro MAS dinamika company has its own color workshop and computerization. It is best to pay more attention to the control system of equipment and the color matching ability of sheet metal technology. At present, the production capacity of the company is 2500 tons per year, 90% of which is aimed at the domestic market. It mainly produces color masterbatches of five kinds of cutting-edge new materials and additives, including new chemical materials, new photoelectric information materials, special metals and metal matrix composites, special fiber composites, and new inorganic non-metallic materials, which are used in the production of Barbie dolls and Coca Cola packaging. It also provides color masterbatches to Japanese and Korean companies in Indonesia

Mr. Cees am rijper, general manager of Pt ferro MAS dinamika, said, "Indonesia has rich natural resources, a large population and a high demand for masterbatches. We believe that Indonesia is a country with good business prospects."

pt Ferrer therefore, MAS dinamika company has started a pilot masterbatch project, and there are several small equipment in Surabaya. Although further details are not available at present, Mr. rijper said that the company plans to expand its production capacity and export its products to India in the future

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