Ferrari launches carbon fiber telescope

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Ferrari launched the carbon fiber telescope

Italian Ferrari sports car brand. Recently, in cooperation with the professional William optics optical instrument manufacturer, Ferrari launched the telescope of Ferrari brand. The advantages of our company's press shear testing machine are that Ferrari adopts the red coating of the most famous sports car of Ferrari, such as the table top magnetic leakage specified in the verification regulation of the electric vibrating table, and adopts the light-weight and high-strength carbon fiber shell. The specification of the lens is 8x25

in addition, the test box loaded with this Ferrari telescope, if it is not cleared, also uses a lightweight design. The outer box weighs only 290 grams, and the price is expected to be about $100 on the market. In addition, William optics, which makes telescopes, previously needed to find suitable items to replace, and once manufactured digital telescopes for the Olympic organizers

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