Fifteen years of independent innovation and common

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Shanhe intelligent 15 years of independent innovation and customers get rich together

Shanhe intelligent 15 years of independent innovation and customers get rich together

to a certain extent, it can replace some foreign fixtures

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editor's note: as a world construction machinery enterprise, every new technology experimental machine is shown to everyone. Shanhe intelligent takes "being the creator of world value in the field of equipment manufacturing" as its mission and vision, Over the past 15 years, we have operated in good faith and adhered to independent innovation, forming a good development situation of symbiosis and win-win with customers and all sectors of society. Customers are the most valuable wealth of Shanhe development in the past 15 years. As the 15th anniversary of Shanhe is approaching, we visit the whole country and even all over the world to explore the footprints of Shanhe and its customers' common development and common prosperity

the most beautiful is sunset

Mr. Cao, 67, is one of the earliest customers of Shanhe intelligent excavator in Changzhou. In his early years, in order to subsidize his family, Mr. Cao bought a Shanhe intelligent swe50n9 in 2005. Due to the excellent performance of Shanhe intelligent excavator and Mr. Cao's hard work, the old man quickly went to the road of becoming rich. Mr. Cao successively purchased Shanhe intelligent swe65 in 2006 and Shanhe intelligent swe60e in April 2013

excellent performance is the main reason why Mr. Cao chose Shanhe intelligence. Swe65 purchased by Mr. Cao in 2006 worked for 16000 hours without major failure. Swe60e, which was purchased in April, 2013, has worked for 2200 hours with zero failure. According to the old man, the fuel consumption of the swe60e trenching operation is only 3 liters per hour, which is about 60 yuan/day less than that of another brand of excavator under the same working conditions, and can save more than 10000 yuan a year. Swe60e, the pioneer of smart city construction in Shanhe, works faster than excavators of other brands. Mr. Cao proudly told us that he used to work on the same construction site as Hyundai small excavation. Because of the high efficiency of Shanhe intelligent excavator, there are too many generations, and the construction site almost dismissed Hyundai small excavation

Mr. Cao said frankly: many excavator agents once sold their products to him and gave him very generous discounts for buying machines, but he was unmoved and fell in love with mountain and river excavators. In Menghe area of Changzhou City, he called on his peers to buy Shanhe intelligent excavator, and sincerely and spontaneously promoted and publicized the brand of Shanhe intelligent excavator, expanding the local influence of Shanhe intelligent excavator products. The superior product performance of Shanhe intelligence has also brought real economic benefits to local customers

Mr. Cao said with emotion: it is said that the most beautiful is the sunset red. Shanhe intelligence has accompanied me for ten years, and has already become an indispensable good partner and helper in my life. It is a bright color in the sunset red

Hunan Chenzhou yongxingyuanhe Tea Oil Co., Ltd. is a modern large-scale enterprise integrating scientific research, planting, production and sales of high-grade tea oil seed oil. In 2010, the company needs to build nearly 10000 mu of tea oil forest, and choosing which brand of excavator has become a difficult problem for chairman Liu Hongchang

president Liu compared the excavator products of mainstream brands in the market one by one, and inquired from all sides to understand the usage of users. In the process of understanding, Mr. Liu found that many customers said that the after-sales service of Shanhe intelligent was very good: if there was a small problem with the purchased Shanhe intelligent excavator, the service engineers would rush to the scene at the first time to solve the problems for the customers. It was really urgent for the customers to think about what the customers wanted. Shanhe intelligent small excavator won the sales champion in Hunan Province for five consecutive years, which made him believe it

after comparison, President Liu finally chose Shanhe intelligence to complete the construction of Camellia oleifera forest. He has purchased 15 Shanhe intelligent excavators, mainly type 60 small excavators. In the process of using, as president Liu learned: the service personnel of Shanhe intelligent are very dedicated and can always arrive at the first time to solve the problems of the equipment. What surprised him more was that these 15 excavators had been used for more than 4 years without major problems and had not replaced large accessories. He believes that this is not because of his good luck, but because the quality of Shanhe intelligence is trustworthy. President Liu said with emotion: in the past, products of national brands always made people uneasy. It was Shanhe intelligence that changed my view. Shanhe intelligence made me see the power of national brands. Mistakenly misleading the market with the concept of all kinds of ecological wood and healthy wood

start the second spring of life

Mr. Liu Changde, Hunan, has dealt with the kitchen all his life. Mr. Liu is a hotel owner. He is good at cooking. The hotel business is booming in the local area, and his life is full and prosperous. However, 2010 was a major turning point in his life

this year, friends around him have entered a very unfamiliar field - operating excavators. This was very novel to him at that time and made him very confused. Seeing his friends constantly entering and making a lot of money, Mr. Liu was moved. This year, Mr. Liu bought his first excavator, and he chose Shanhe intelligence. After Mr. Liu bought the excavator, it was mainly used for leasing, and he still managed the main business of the hotel. A year later, he was surprised to find that the excavator earned more money than the hotel! Surprised, Mr. Liu acted quickly and continued to buy more excavators - he bought three more Shanhe intelligent swe90e in succession. Now, with four Shanhe intelligent excavators, he has shifted his focus from hotel management to excavators

Mr. Liu said with emotion: in the past, my hobby was kitchen, but since 2010, I have fallen in love with excavator. Thanks to Shanhe intelligence, he started the second spring of my life

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