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Design "build" life - Fengyun, interior design director of Germany haifule hardware, successfully concluded the Shenzhen experience hall.

on August 7, the design and construction life hosted by Shenzhen Interior Designers Association, CO organized by haifule hardware (China) Co., Ltd. and a963 design integration and communication, interior design director of Germany haifule hardware Fengyun, successfully completed the haifule Shenzhen experience Hall (412, floor 4, building 2, halo square, Luohu District, Shenzhen). The theme of this designer dialogue is to design and build life. More than ten elite interior design directors are specially invited to explore the contemporary presentation of the aesthetic value of design together with haifule, focus on the pursuit of a better life in the new era, start the multidimensional thinking and exploration of living space from a professional perspective, and start the aesthetic feast of design and use of test results to display design, human settlement and life

at the beginning of the event, Ms. Dong, Deputy Secretary General of Shenzhen Interior Designers Association, attended and delivered a speech due to the fixed connection mode. Secretary General ye said that since its entry into Shenzhen in 2011, Germany haifule hardware has been committed to providing consumers with high-quality German products, actively interacting with the association and promoting the development of the design industry

next, Zhou Huixian, the pre-sales manager of haifule, also talked about the German haifule hardware, which was born in 1923. So far, it has nearly 100 years of professional hardware production and sales experience. Haifule has always practiced German quality and forged a classic rigorous attitude. Its standardized and standardized products, as well as its branches and offices all over the world, enable haifule to accurately serve the international market, connect global projects, and meet the needs of different countries and markets

the celebrities present had in-depth dialogues on smart technology enabled home design, future human settlements and space design development trends to jointly discuss future interior design trends. Mr. wujianwei, vice president of Shenzhen Interior Designers Association and founder/Chief Design Director of senchuang international design agency (SCD), said that smart life is not only a product, but also a way of life and philosophical thinking. The current customized design of the whole case is to pursue a kind of charm that shows the lasting sealing effect of the internal home and life, and helps owners create a quality lifestyle; Mr. Ding Zhiqiang, founder/design director of Hanwei (Shenzhen) Design Consulting Co., Ltd., mentioned that the current development of intelligent products should tend to explore the scene mode to improve the user experience; Mr. zhangfengjiang, the director of Shenzhen Interior Designers Association and the founder/design director of Shenzhen zhangfengjiang design office, believes that the future design trend should pay more and more attention to details. The improvement of the overall sense of home experience and quality is inseparable from the material and technology of home hardware

during the dialogue, the celebrities, led by the hardware configuration experts of haifule, visited the Shenzhen experience Hall of haifule, and had a more intuitive feeling about the hardware workers mentioned in the conversation until they were conditioned to be qualified, such as art, technology, functional intelligence, etc

the designer dialogue activity has come to an end, but the century old craftsmanship and ingenuity of haifule will continue. In order to realize people's yearning for a better life and the pursuit of quality life, we will continue to explore, forge ahead, and provide customers with more high-quality and all-round hardware solutions

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