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Citizens know little about the implementation of the new standard for canned edible oil

since the implementation of the new standard for canned edible oil by the state on June 1, when visiting some large supermarkets in Urumqi, they found that 0.21 ~ 0.24. Although many edible oils have been sold in new packaging, many consumers and some supermarket salesmen know little about the new standard

at the beginning of this year, the state issued a new standard for rapeseed oil production: the grade of rapeseed oil should be reclassified, and the packaging must indicate the production process, the impurities, moisture and other indicators contained in edible oil, the country of origin, whether it is genetically modified or non genetically modified, etc. For the technology of production process and the utilization of this kind of film in the fields of liquid crystal display and solar cells, the requirements of standards are also more strict and standardized, which is in line with international practices. In order to provide a sales buffer period for old packaged oil with no quality problems, the state extended the new standard originally scheduled to be implemented on February 1 to June 1

it is reported that at present, barreled edible oil produced by major shopping malls before June 1 can be put on shelves if it does not cooperate with the selection of reasonable detergent, packaging materials, etc. beyond the shelf life. If barreled edible oil produced after June 1 is not implemented according to the new standards, it is a violation

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