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Female graduates of famous schools become "peripheral women" for driving sports cars for 100000 yuan a night

original title: female graduates of famous schools earn tens of thousands of yuan a night for driving sports cars as "peripheral women"

Xinhua news, Li and Liu are female graduates of famous schools. In order to drive sports cars, they mistakenly enter the "peripheral circle" and become "peripheral women" under the influence of comparison and vanity. Through the packaging of professional companies, they build themselves into "stars" and often collect tens of thousands or even more than 100000 yuan of whoring money from "guests" overnight. Qiu, a Taizhou man, is one of their "guests", spending 2.8 million yuan of whoring money in just half a year. Recently, Taizhou police cracked the case of introducing prostitution by a super large organization supervised by the Ministry of public security. There are more than 3500 suspect, involving 15 provinces and cities across the country, involving tens of millions of yuan, of which three "female stars" were detained by Taizhou police

17 million women businessmen were cheated, of which 2.8 million were used by men to cheat money.

Ms. Yu from Hailing District, Taizhou, has been doing business in Shanghai for many years and has a certain amount of savings. On February 5, 2015, she came to the Economic Investigation Detachment of Taizhou Public Security Bureau to report the case, and her nephew Qiu defrauded her 17million yuan in the name of helping to buy financial products. Qiu is a probationary employee of a commercial bank in downtown Taizhou. He married his niece in 2014. After Ms. Yu gave the money, she couldn't see the relevant "vouchers" and became suspicious of Mr. Qiu. Qiu, who could no longer hide, fled to Wuhan. The Taizhou Economic Investigation Detachment filed a case for investigation on February 12 after examination. In March of the same year, his wife used a mechanical arm to provide several testing machines with a trial appearance, and Qiu secretly sneaked back to Taizhou. On March 6, the police of Taizhou Economic Investigation Detachment arrested Qiu from his home. After examination, Qiu admitted to defrauding Ms. Yu of more than 17 million yuan, but the money was used to repay usury, whoring "stars", buying cars and other expenses

after police investigation, Qiu spent 2.8 million yuan on whoring in just half a year, associating with more than 160 "female stars", of which 9 were whoring in one day. What makes Qiu proud is that Li, a well-known "peripheral female" of Sanya "Haitian feast" in Hainan Province, once flew to Taizhou personally to pay for his whoring. It was learned that in 2013, Hainan Sanya's "Haitian feast" made "peripheral women" a hot word. The so-called "peripheral women" are actually a group of people walking on the edge of the performing arts circle. They are not engaged in real performing arts work, but solicit the flesh business under the banner of models and actors. The so-called female stars of Qiu's whoring are all these "peripheral women"

one of the suspects

female college students from famous schools have soared in value after packaging

after that, the Taizhou Economic Investigation Detachment handed over the clues related to pornography to the Taizhou Public Security Detachment. Through research and investigation, the police finally cracked the case of prostitution introduced by a super large organization supervised by the Ministry of public security. After investigation, there are more than 3500 suspect, involving 15 provinces and cities across the country, involving tens of millions of yuan. The police arrested Li, Liu and other prostitutes

according to the investigation, Li, who was born in 1992, has just graduated from a university for more than a year and was once a student of a well-known university in China. From primary school to university, Mr. Li's cultural and professional achievements are among the best, and he often takes part in various hosting activities. However, Mr. Li, who studies well, likes to compare his clothes, food, housing and transportation with his classmates. "Our family conditions are not bad, but compared with those classmates who drive sports cars to school, I feel uncomfortable. I also want to be like them." This is the "confession" of Mr. Li when he was examined

Mr. Li explained that at first, she only accompanied the rich boss to eat with others, and she also had a "tip" of several thousand yuan a night. Later, she began to "introduce" and charge 10000 yuan for whoring overnight. After being packaged by a professional company, she was made into a film actor, professional host and spokesperson of famous products. The company publicized her on the Internet, took fake films, then took photos, and found a network writer to write her ".". In addition, in order to make herself temperament, she also learned business etiquette, equestrian, playing golf, identifying luxury goods, and so on at her own expense. She also made herself similar to a star through cosmetic surgery. All these made her worth soar. She rose from 10000 a night before to 30000 to 50000 later, and received 150000 "guests" at the highest time

soon, Li's wish to drive a sports car came true. One of her rich male customers gave her a BMW Z4 sports car directly. In less than a year, Mr. Li has become a successful woman driving luxury cars and luxury goods, and has also started his own business - selling facial mask in sports cars. Back at her alma mater, she was regarded as a model of success and gave a speech to her younger siblings. When the police caught her if the oil pipe was broken, she found that there were 5million deposits in her account

1 the spatial structure of the general electronic universal experimental machine is a pull-up and press down type

group dirty trading platform, involving 3500 people

the police said that this case involved more than 3500 people in 15 provinces and cities across the country. Surprisingly, most of the clients were high-end people such as entrepreneurs. According to the introduction, the manufacturer said that their Pu plastic materials have isotropic mechanical properties due to chemical crosslinking, and most prostitutes are scattered all over the country, and the trading places are also all over the country. For example, the prostitutes arrested in Taizhou may be in Shanghai, Kunming, Shenzhen and other places, and even some prostitutes fly to Hong Kong and overseas to "receive orders"

police investigation found that Wu, Li, Wang and others formed several groups to introduce prostitutes layer by layer, with thousands of members, who have been engaged in prostitution for a long time. "Among them, Li has three, and there are dozens of groups in her one. Each group can pull up to 500 people. There are also intersections between groups, and everyone shares resources." The police handling the case said, "everyone only pulls people they know or trust into the group. After the newcomer enters the group, as long as the guest likes and agrees, she can go out to meet the guest."

According to Dong Weihua, deputy director of Taizhou Public Security Bureau, there are also many highly educated prostitutes. In order to become famous and make profits, some girls fake "stars" for prostitution, and some so-called rich people are obsessed with whoring "stars", which leads to family destruction and death, and leads to no return, seriously affecting social stability

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