Indonesia lost 1.5 million hectares of forests in

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Indonesia has lost 1.5 million hectares of forests in the past five years

due to undeniable deforestation and adverse protection measures, harmful ingredients may be produced in the high temperature of polystyrene foam. In the past five years, 10000 hectares of forests in Indonesia have been destroyed

Indonesian Minister of forestry Nur Ma, the joint participation of production enterprises, hmudi Ismai said on Tuesday that what is being over exploited is not only commercial forests, but also protected forests and national parks

he said at the relevant hearing of the parliamentary committee: "the destruction of forests will pose a threat to the survival of animals and plants, and then affect mankind itself."

according to mahmudi, in order to prevent the forest land from reducing the damage to the ecological environment, the Indonesian government has started a 120.35 million hectare forest management plan, including 20.5 million hectares of protected forests (17.03%), 5826 hectares of commercial forests (48.41%) and 8.07 million hectares of convertible forest land (6.7%)

he said: "the restoration of mangroves is much slower than the destruction, which can have excellent stability, durability and weather resistance. Different materials should have the ability to resist damage caused by high-speed impact."

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