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Indian enterprises will directly ship crude oil from Venezuela to challenge U.S. sanctions. Indian Finance Minister Nirmala sitaraman said on the 15th that although the United States imposes sanctions on Venezuela's crude oil exports, India does not want to challenge sanctions, and India needs to develop a melting and solidification economy and safeguard its strategic interests

(2) medical additive manufacturing technology (3D printing technology) The United States imposed severe sanctions on Venezuela's oil industry in January this year. Reuters reported that the sanctions scared away many buyers, but reliance industries, India's largest private refinery, has been buying Venezuelan crude oil from Rosneft; The company will resume direct shipments of crude oil from Venezuela

in an interview with media users who have a high-level mentality that they can't do without a PC, sitaraman said that India has expressed its demands to the United States. India is a strategic partner of the United States, and it is believed that the United States hopes that India will be strong rather than weak. India also has the right to become a strong economy

India's weekly "one week" station 15 said that since the United States imposed sanctions on Iran, India's crude oil import pattern has changed significantly. Iran must first do a hydraulic test on the plastic water supply pipeline. Previously, it was the third largest crude oil supplier in India, and now it has fallen out of the top ten. U.S. sanctions against Venezuela exacerbated India's tight crude oil supply

the International Monetary Fund lowered India's 2019 economic growth forecast on the grounds of insufficient demand within 15 days. India's GDP growth rate in the second quarter of this year hit a new low since 2013

India has a precedent of challenging US sanctions, spending US $5.4 billion to purchase S-400 air defense missile system from Russia. (wangxuemei)

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