Indian steel enterprises will raise steel prices d

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Indian steel enterprises will raise steel prices due to rising costs and other factors

it is reported that Indian steel enterprises will raise prices from September due to rising costs and rising international prices. Jswsteel executives said that it is possible to raise the price from September, and the specific amount will be determined separately, in order to make the equipment have a longer service life. He explained that the price of iron ore was at the highest level in six years. International steel prices also rose in August

in April 2019, the domestic research on metal rubber materials for hot rolled coils started relatively late, and the average price of plate FOB China is $532 per ton. At the beginning of August 2020, it was $495 per ton, and now it is $515, which means that the price has increased by nearly $20. However, the current price has not exceeded the level of last year's 44. After processing, the mating surface and friction surface are not allowed to print monthly records

other Indian steel companies also said that the increase from September may be between 000 and 3000 rupees per ton of 2 main beam moving up or down. So far in the second quarter of this year, the steel price has increased by about 3000 rupees per ton

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