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Three opportunities in the label digital printing market can not be ignored

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core tip: with the progress of science and technology 167 building exterior wall elastic coating, people's consumption habits have changed, and the market demand is also changing quietly. First, the demand for personalized and variable data has increased, and on-demand production and short version live parts have increased; Secondly, customers have higher and higher requirements for timely delivery and reducing inventory, which greatly promote the rapid application of digital printing in the field of labels

[China Packaging News] with the progress of science and technology and the change of people's consumption habits, market demand is also quietly changing. First, promote the integration of various relevant resources, increase the demand for personalized and variable data, and increase the production on demand and short version live parts; Secondly, customers have higher and higher requirements for timely delivery and reducing inventory, which greatly promote the rapid application of digital printing in the field of labels

personalization and customization

Ma Yun, one of the leaders of China's IT industry, pointedly pointed out that the era of standardization and scale has passed, and large-scale, flexible and personalized customization is the trend of the manufacturing industry. This is definitely an era in which bio isoprene is a new raw material produced by fermentation technology from biological raw materials. With the main body of market consumption becoming the post-80s and post-90s, personalized and customized market demand is gradually increasing. For enterprises, if they are not able to actively understand the mentality of consumers, are not willing to provide customized services for consumers, and are not willing to change themselves for consumers, then their survival must be limited

nowadays, we see that some large terminal brands are actively guiding and catering to the personalized and customized needs of consumers, and strengthening the position of brands in the younger generation of consumer groups

the most typical example is Coca Cola company, which has been trying to personalize for a century, and it is undoubtedly successful. The new generation of young people do not buy carbonated drinks, and the Post-70s and post-80s generation, as the first generation of major consumers, are not so keen on carbonated drinks. How can we win the recognition of the young generation? Coca Cola decided to cater to the young generation's pursuit of individuality and highlight their own characteristics, realizing the launch of personalized nickname bottles, customized bottles, lyrics bottles, and then colorful bottles, completely rewriting the original game rules of the marketing market. In the whole process, digital printing is indispensable. Coca Cola's attempt will undoubtedly drive more brands to try similar sales models, which precisely provides development space for digital printing

variable data printing

the variable data market is also a big stage for digital printing performances. It is very gratifying that in the past two years, the rapid rise of the variable data market, especially the blowout of QR code, has brought very good development opportunities for digital printing

at present, QR code has gradually replaced the one-dimensional code on product packaging and labels, and its function is also expanding from the traditional anti-counterfeiting demand to the marketing function based on IOT and big data, resulting in a surge in demand

QR codes for marketing applications have begun to appear in a large number of fields such as daily chemicals, food, beverages, tobacco and alcohol. Taking the domestic beverage industry as an example, it is estimated that the annual output will exceed 150 million tons, of which nearly half will be bottled water, with about 150 billion bottled water labels. Take Evergrande ice spring as an example. In 2014, Evergrande ice spring launched a crazy large-scale marketing campaign of one code per bottle, and each bottle of Evergrande ice spring will be printed with a unique two-dimensional code on the label. Consumers can scan the two-dimensional code and link to the query system to trace the source of products and verify anti-counterfeiting. Evergrande ice spring alone has a coding demand of 10billion pieces per year

short version printing

with the gradual reduction of production batch and the increasingly shorter delivery cycle, the short version trend of label printing will become more and more obvious. Karstedt group is a consulting company in the field of digital packaging and printing. Mr. kevinkarstedt, the head of the group, said: if the label printing volume of each batch of orders exceeds 100000, the advantages brought by digital printing are small, but for orders with less than 50000, it is very worthwhile to use clips of special materials to invest in digital printing. Most domestic label printing enterprises believe that orders below 500 meters are suitable for digital printing

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