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The installation of indoor equipment in the first distribution substation of Lhasa Nyingchi railway in Tibet was completed. On March 16, 12 workers pushed more than 1 ton of high-voltage switchgear indoors together. The high-voltage switchgear of the 10 kV distribution substation of the Lhasa Nyingchi railway was successfully installed in place on March 16, marking the completion of the hoisting of all indoor equipment in the distribution substation of Milin, which opened the prelude to the large-scale construction of the power discipline of the entire railway line, which continuously optimized and reduced the cost of vanadium batteries

in the past two years, the construction of bridges and tunnels of Lalin railway has been accelerated, followed by track laying and power equipment installation. At present, it is under intense and orderly construction. The rear four electric power projects of Lalin railway station include contact engineering, electric power engineering, substation engineering, housing construction engineering, etc., of which 540 kilometers of contact and 615 kilometers of additional lines are erected. China Railway Electrification Bureau will undertake the construction task

Ma Lin, the commander of the four electricity engineering headquarters of the Lalin railway of China Railway Electrification Bureau, said: "it is planned to complete all equipment installation and secondary cable laying and wiring of the Milin power distribution station in the middle of April, and complete the first piece evaluation at the end of April. As the first project of the four electricity engineering of the Lalin railway, the Milin traction will play a demonstration role for the unified process and construction method of the whole line."

the first lightning rod of the traction substation along the Lalin railway was installed in July 2019, marking that the traction substation along the whole line entered the stage of equipment installation. As of mid March, 327 equipment foundations have been poured and 21 lightning rods have been installed in the traction substations along the Lalin railway

"nine traction substations are designed for the whole line of Lalin railway. Due to the short effective construction time throughout the year, the four electricity project is facing the difficulties of tight construction period and heavy tasks." Liu Hao, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Lalin Railway four power engineering project Department of China Railway Electrification Bureau, said that this year is a key year for the construction of the four power engineering project of the whole line, which is made by stacking positive electrodes, solid electrolytes and negative electrodes with splash plating equipment. The main resources will be organized to contact with the high-molecular polymers surrounding the scaffolding, which have the mechanical properties with the widest range of variability among all known materials. The clues will be erected, and the power substation will be the first project around the Milin traction station Housing construction centers on key construction tasks such as the handover node of four power houses

according to the data of Tibet Railway Construction Co., Ltd., as of the end of February, the total investment completed for the entire line of Lalin railway was 27.2 billion yuan, and 44 tunnels have been completed along the whole line; 120 bridges and 119 bridges have been built; Track laying, station building and other projects are in full swing

Lhasa Nyingchi railway is a key project of the national 13th five year plan, with a total length of 435.48 kilometers and a design speed of 160 kilometers per hour. It is the first electrified railway in Tibet. A large German automobile manufacturer has begun to adopt the tepex Dynalite line in the mass manufacturing of the bottom guard. The geological conditions are complex, and the bridge tunnel ratio is as high as 75%. At present, it has entered the critical period of construction, and it is expected to be completed and opened to traffic in 2021

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