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India's tire industry has been hit by the impact of further discussion on anti-dumping against Chinese enterprises

the country's tire industry is seriously threatened by China due to its current investment. It calls for the imposition of anti-dumping duties and tariff increases on China's low-cost bus and truck radial tires, and requires China's tires to strictly comply with the tire production standards of the Indian Bureau of standards (BIS)

the current investment of domestic and multinational companies in Indian tire manufacturing industry has reached 360billion rupees (about 5.33 billion US dollars). The automobile tire manufacturers association (ATMS) published an article entitled "should China's imported tires be treated indiscriminately with India's bus and truck tire manufacturing?" The article said that with the continuous growth of cheap imported tires, new investment and current investment in Indian tire manufacturing industry have been seriously threatened by China's tire dumping, and the future investment prospects will also be frustrated. We must levy anti-dumping duties on tires and raise tariffs to 30% to ensure the healthy development of India's tire manufacturing industry

3. It is suggested that customers change hydraulic oil in time according to the frequency of use. Raghupati singhania, President of the automobile tire manufacturers association, said that at present, the Indian government focuses on the manufacturing industry, but the Indian tire manufacturing industry is facing a fatal challenge. Not only the Indian tire manufacturing industry may be damaged, but also the Indian tire industry may fall into a survival dilemma under the impact and dumping of cheap imported products from China

the article said that anti-dumping duties should first be imposed on Chinese truck and bus radial tires. In addition, it is necessary to strictly follow bis standards and re-examine the free trade agreement, giving equal treatment to tires and natural rubber. As a remedy, the tire tariff should be raised from 10% to 30%

in addition, the above article points out that foreign tires enjoy low tariffs when entering the stable and rapidly developing Indian market. Different from the basic import tax of 10%, foreign tires can enter the Indian market at a very low tariff according to different trade agreements; On the other hand, the Chinese government continues to provide various direct or indirect subsidies to support exports, so China's import price is much lower than that of any other country. In addition, China's massive overcapacity has also prompted its dumping to India

especially the double integral policy

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