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The most profitable manufacturing enterprise in China is in Taiwan, but not Foxconn. In our treasure island Taiwan, the most profitable enterprise is TSMC. Its profit scale in 2017 was not only higher than that of Hon Hai Precision (Foxconn's parent company), which is an important leader in the experimental machine, but also 1.6 times that of Huawei in the same period

in terms of the country, the profit ranks seventh and is also the highest ranking manufacturing enterprise:

TSMC is known as the light of Taiwan and is the world's largest professional integrated circuit manufacturing service enterprise. The key part chip of apple in your hand is the WDS (3) recommendation index of Jinan gold testing recommendation model produced by their family ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

nearly 60% of the world's chip OEM is completed by it. Whether Apple or Qualcomm, the heart of most of the world's high-tech giants is held by TSMC, and there is no substitute for it

some people even said that Zhang Zhongmou, the head of TSMC, would shake the global technology industry

TSMC founder Zhang Zhongmou

in June this year, founder Zhang Zhongmou announced his retirement, which undoubtedly threw a big bomb on the science and technology circle. How did Zhang Zhongmou, who founded TSMC at the age of 56, spend 30 years to make an enterprise from zero to the first in the world

in this interesting business issue, let's talk about this incredible story

if you have a son, you should be like Zhang Zhongmou, and if you have a daughter, you should be like Wang Xuehong. This is a popular saying in Taiwan's business circles

these two Taiwan, China entrepreneurs who are active on the world science and technology stage, one created the brilliance of TSMC and the other created the brilliance of HTC

if Wang Xuehong has the spirit of being an unyielding Jianghu child, then Zhang Zhongmou has a stronger spirit of industrialist and craftsman

as a conscientious semiconductor practitioner, he works like this:

work output comes from input multiplied by efficiency, and efficiency is the key. Other people work 50 hours, and you do 20% more than him to 60 hours, but his efficiency is 30% higher than you, and the result is still better than you

as a lifelong learning enthusiast, he planned his career like this:

I am disciplined and planned, and I am prone to wear and tear all my life. Every stage of my life is different. When I started working, I focused on my career. At that time, I read semiconductor books. Before the age of 30 or 40, in addition to my major in semiconductors, I also read the financial stock market. Wall Street had been subscribed to for a long time. With stocks, of course, if you want to start reading quarterly and annual reports, these things will be very useful later when you become the chairman of the board of directors. After the age of 50, I have seen quite a lot of professional finance, so I gradually see more Historical Biographies

as a successful entrepreneur, he also has his own unique enterprise strategic planning:

the strategy of the enterprise is divided into two parts. The first is the big strategy, which is probably close to the strategy often talked about in the mainland; Next is the small strategy, which is probably equivalent to the routine or play often talked about in the mainland. The big strategy depends on the trend, looking for the big blue ocean beyond the big red ocean; Small strategies depend on customers and competitors. To identify customers' needs from the competition, Smartech believes that the biggest opportunity is the more durable ABS and polylactic acid printing materials to match the weakness of competitors

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