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The growth momentum of manufacturing industry obviously needs to break through the bottleneck and develop again

up to now, the 2017 annual reports of more than 3000 A-share listed companies have been disclosed. From the data of revenue, profit and R & D investment of listed companies, we can see that China's real economy is developing well, especially the high-end manufacturing industry is releasing great vitality

The annual report shows that in 2017, the operating revenue and net profit of listed companies on Shanghai stock exchange both achieved double-digit growth, with the growth rate reaching a new high in recent years, and the growth rate of revenue and net profit of listed companies on Shenzhen stock exchange even exceeded 20%. Among them, the performance of the real economy, especially the manufacturing industry, is more prominent. After more than 100 years of development, the net profit of physical companies increased by nearly 40% year-on-year. About 70% of the listed companies in Shenzhen are in the manufacturing industry, of which 29 manufacturing segments have all achieved profits, with a net profit increase of 34%

the PMI of manufacturing purchasing managers in April was 51.4%, the highest in the same period in recent five years. The manufacturing PMI has been in the boom range for 21 consecutive months, which also confirms the steady growth trend of the manufacturing industry. Many analysts believe that compared with traditional manufacturing such as steel and cement, the development of high-end manufacturing is more breakthrough. In 2017, the net profit of 133 high-end equipment manufacturing companies in Shenzhen increased by more than 100%. The first quarter report of listed companies also showed that the net profit growth rate of GEM listed companies focusing on strategic emerging industries was 28.7%, a sharp rebound from 2017. According to the analysis of relevant experts, behind the explosive growth of high-end manufacturing, enterprises have increased R & D investment

specifically, in areas with high technology content such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, high-end equipment, the proportion of enterprise R & D expenditure in revenue is much higher than the average level of a shares, indicating that enterprises are dynamic and dare to compete for the high point of science and technology. Relevant experts pointed out that R & D investment cannot ignore the foundation of manufacturing industry, especially major short board equipment

it is reported that China is expected to issue guidance documents to promote the innovation and development of major short board equipment, and launch a number of major short board equipment engineering projects to improve supply capacity

bottleneck to be broken

according to the statistical data of the 2017 annual report of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry recently released by the Northwest Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in 2017, the sales revenue of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry exceeded 9 trillion yuan, accounting for 15% of the equipment manufacturing industry, and the compound growth rate reached 32.3%, achieving another leap forward growth. Based on this growth rate, the sales revenue of high-end equipment manufacturing industry will reach 20.7 trillion yuan by 20215, power supply (V):220 ± 10%, accounting for 25% of the equipment manufacturing industry. The prospect of high-end equipment manufacturing industry is brilliant. However, experts believe that China's core competitiveness in high-end manufacturing is insufficient, and some bottlenecks still need to be broken through

the problems faced by China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry also need to be pondered and improved, so as to gain advantages in the future global economic wave and drive the better development of China's industrial economy

first, the industrial profit margin is low. As a technology and capital intensive capital industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry should have considerable benefits, but at present, many high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises have not mastered the technology of advanced equipment and major complete sets of equipment, and many core components and technologies can only rely on imports. The continuous rise of costs and the heavy tax burden of enterprises, the pressure of rising costs, will make the profit margin lower and lower

secondly, the industrial cluster effect is not obvious. In recent years, the Chinese government has vigorously promoted the construction of high-end equipment manufacturing industrial clusters in the Bohai rim, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta for the strategic needs of economic development, transformation and upgrading. Driven by policies, a large number of "industrial clusters" have emerged, but the infrastructure in this region can not keep up with its development. Finally, this kind of industrial cluster, which is divorced from the law of market development, has low relevance and is not closely connected with production, will inevitably have various problems such as short industrial chain and poor cluster effect in a certain period of time

thirdly, the innovation ability is insufficient. Although China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry has achieved strong growth in recent years, the growth is not brought about by technological progress. High end equipment manufacturing enterprises still lack core competitive advantages. The long-term measurement and control system adopts stc8800 Universal Experimental card, which is a development path of microcomputer built-in PCI experimental card based on PCI interface, and the introduction of advanced technology from abroad has contributed to the inertia of Chinese enterprises in R & D and innovation, and the high cost of introducing technology makes enterprises unable to maintain the expenditure of internal R & D investment, so they cannot digest these high technologies

due to the imperfection of China's innovation system, the industry university research in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing has not been well utilized, the connection between enterprises and R & D centers in various universities and scientific research centers in various fields is weak, the ability of scientific and technological transformation is not high, and a large amount of R & D investment is lost; Under the current registered residence system in China, the flow of innovative talents has been hindered. In terms of the cultural atmosphere of accepting talents and containing innovation trial and error, there is still a big gap between China and Europe, America and Japan

finally, there is a lack of core competitiveness. Another current situation of China's high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises is that they are large but not strong, their independent research and development capabilities are poor, and their key technologies are highly dependent on foreign countries. Their core technologies are subject to electronic tensile testing machines, which are suitable for plastic films, composites, soft packaging materials, plastic hoses, adhesives, adhesive tapes, self-adhesive, medical patches, protective films, release papers, composite covers, metal foils, diaphragms, backplane materials, non-woven fabrics, rubber There are few people with independent intellectual property rights who test the stretching, peeling, deformation, tearing, heat sealing, bonding, puncture force, opening force, low-speed unwinding force, stripping force and other performance of paper fibers and other products. The tendency of emphasizing introduction, neglecting development, emphasizing imitation and neglecting innovation has not changed, and the strange circle of "Introduction backward re introduction backward" still exists. Although many large-scale units are made in China, the core technology of key parts is not in China's hands, and enterprises are still only processing and manufacturing, falling into the dilemma of "high-end loss"

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