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Manufacturing attracts the attention of Internet giants

when most people focus on the field of virtual economy, the Internet giants who are among them do the opposite and focus on manufacturing. When most people focus on the field of virtual economy, the Internet giant in it does the opposite and focuses on the manufacturing industry. Recently, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg said on social media that he had opened the largest and most advanced hardware laboratory in Facebook's history. In the next decade, various things will be built here, from oculus head equipment to solar powered aircraft, in order to make the process of connecting the world faster

little fresh in manufacturing

Facebook comprehensive laboratory is located in a corner of the California headquarters. At first glance, it looks like an empty factory. Even the name of this workshop is very interconnected area404 laboratory, which stems from a stumbling block inside Facebook: for a period of time, the hardware team wanted to find a centralized place to work, but they couldn't find it, so the laboratory was incorrectly named as page 404. It's not surprising that there are many places in the laboratory where Zuckerberg is restricted

in recent years, the accelerated integration of global Internet and manufacturing industry has not only seen the typical transformation of manufacturing giants such as GE to industrial Internet, but also the case of Internet giants such as Google, Amazon and Facebook entering the manufacturing industry with excellent absolute quality for experimental machines we give customers. Therefore, we see Google driverless cars, smart glasses, smart homes, robots; Saw that blue origin space exploration company, which is rooted in Amazon, launched a recyclable rocket and successfully landed; We are about to see a number of cool hardware products such as VR devices and solar powered aircraft that Facebook will produce

the roar of large machines, the accumulation of old experience, and large-scale plants. If the traditional manufacturing workshop is more like an old bacon, then the manufacturing workshop is more like a small fresh meat for Internet enterprises, taking the light, fast, and smart high-tech small fresh route. For example, Facebook's laboratory is only half 5. The aging of the seal ring will cause oil leakage at the seal, which is as big as a football field. It contains five axis water sprayers and nine axis milling lathes that cut iron like mud. Electron microscopes and CT scanners can help engineers analyze the faults of components. The high-end scientific and technological equipment here, such as water flow cutting machine, can cut almost all materials by spraying the mixture of water and garnet minerals at high speed; The nine axis milling lathe can tilt and rotate the experimental sample, so as to create a very accurate incision. The manufacturing department of blue origin, a private aerospace company owned by Amazon CEO Bezos, is full of a sense of high-tech future. In addition, they will also build a new rocket factory in Florida, the United States, which will be used not only for launching future orbital rockets, but also for rocket testing

tracker of the technological frontier

is known as the culprit of destroying the real economy. Why do Internet enterprises enter the manufacturing industry at the same time

first of all, the innate innovation DNA of Internet enterprises allows them to constantly track the technological frontier. Manufacturing industry is more about hard innovation, and the products and technologies innovated are visible and touchable. In contrast, Internet innovation is more about retreat, and more about service and business model innovation. To lead the development of the industry and seize users, we need to use both hard and soft. For example, Facebook teamed up with Samsung to enter the VR field, which is to see that the headset VR device is expected to become the next smart device, which will shine brightly in social networking, multimedia, games and other aspects. The sooner we cut in, the sooner we can take the initiative in the industry: on the one hand, we can expand the enterprise business field and new market growth points with the help of intelligent hardware; On the other hand, by combining VR hardware with social applications, users can better stick to their own platform. For Google, although it has dozens of subsidiaries, and the hardware products such as smart glasses launched before have a good reputation, Google does not expect to get rich through hardware, but intends to continuously improve its product services and increase its voice in the operating system through the development of the manufacturing industry. Its vigorous development of Google's driverless car system and Google's robot operating system is evidence

second, provide services for existing businesses. For example, Facebook launched the UAV project in 2014, but its ultimate goal is not to sell these UAVs, but to use these aircraft in remote areas to improve the popularity of Internet and let more people use their services. This coincides with Google's hot air balloon project, which aims to achieve the same goal. In addition, an important purpose of the construction of Facebook lab is to help Facebook accelerate the pace of research and development and testing on hardware products. Spencer burns, an engineer at Facebook, said that in the past, it might take weeks to outsource hardware testing projects to external laboratories, but now it takes only a few days to complete these tasks with its own laboratory

of course, it is now popular to talk about feelings in the Internet field. Big guys happen to have a heart to change the world. Through exploration in the manufacturing field, they create new tools. 5. The words displayed on the display panel of the variable-frequency single column tensile testing machine are clear, and will they be ambiguous; Serve human society

the main battlefield of scientific and technological innovation

the innovation of interconnection is coupled with the foundation of manufacturing industry. These interconnection giants are escorting the development of the U.S. real economy and advanced manufacturing industry. After the financial crisis, the United States began to recover the manufacturing industry. At that time, information technology was just in the stage of breakthrough and diffusion development. The integration of information technology and manufacturing was considered to be the best means of recovery. Therefore, the Internet and ICT giants in the United States joined hands with traditional manufacturing leaders to redefine the future of manufacturing, and made a series of forward-looking layouts in technology, standards, industrialization and so on

it has become a consensus that the manufacturing industry will become an important support for economic development for a long time. Even Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba's board of directors, has admitted that Alibaba's era will pass after the recovery of the real economy and the successful transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. In the past few years of the rapid development of the Internet economy, China's traditional manufacturing industry has been depressed. But in fact, many cutting-edge technological innovations are precisely the high integration of hardware and software, manufacturing and service industries. Manufacturing industry is precisely the main battlefield of scientific and technological innovation. Without the support of manufacturing industry, it is difficult for the cutting-edge information service industry to develop. Therefore, the pace of the combination of virtual and real should be faster

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