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The manufacturing and application innovation are divorced, and the instrument industry is suffering from the enemy

"Nowadays, train drivers are much more comfortable than before, because after five consecutive speed increases, the train is safer than before. The main reason is that there is a central control system. Each train runs in its own operation section. When it needs to slow down and stop, the central control system will give instructions. On the display screen of the central control system, even the wheels of the train can be seen clearly Clear. Therefore, what train drivers need to do is to deal with temporary accidents, such as someone suddenly crossing the railway. It can even be said that even if terrorists hijack the train, the central control system will take emergency measures to skillfully guide and exchange pistons and oil cylinders at the consumption plant, which can be completely customized to avoid major malignant events. " On train T103, an official working in the Ministry of Railways said

on the North-South Elevated Highway in Shanghai, when the lights were on, the taxi driver told passengers, "now the traffic lighting in the whole city is not turned on and off by the hour as in the past, but there is a lighting control system that automatically controls the switch according to the light intensity."

these two examples of personal experience show that the relationship between instruments and meters and us is getting closer and closer in both the operation of the national economy and the daily life of the people

the "nerve center" of industry and the final safety barrier

the result of economic globalization is likely to cause some countries to be brain countries, while others are trunk countries. As a developing country, China must have both a trunk and a brain, and instrumentation is precisely the "nerve center" of the brain and the final security barrier

according to Xi Jiacheng, chairman of China Instrument and meter industry association, there are many kinds of instruments and meters. Among them, the automation control system, backbone field instruments and key precision testing instruments have the greatest impact on the pillar industries and major equipment of the national economy, which has a great market development space. Taking DCS (distributed digital control system) widely used in industrial fields as an example, China's DCS market is currently in the growth period of rise and development, and is still in the stage of gradual expansion from large-scale projects to small and medium-sized projects, and from main application fields (such as petrochemical, chemical, electric power and metallurgy industries) to the whole industrial scope (such as municipal, food, building materials, environmental protection, transportation and other fields). The market is far from saturation. Especially in recent years, a large number of domestic enterprises have adopted advanced DCS to transform traditional industries, attracting global DCS manufacturers to turn their attention to the Chinese market

"instrumentation is an important part of modern industrial core technology, which is recognized in the world." Xi Jiacheng made a positive answer in an interview. He stressed that the response of relevant parties to this issue has been very strong

on the one hand, it can be said that some academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, represented by Wang Daheng, have written to the State Council for many times (almost once every time the government changes), emphasizing that China's instruments and meters should be independent of the world's nations from the perspective of scientific research. If high-grade and high-grade instruments and meters cannot stand on their own, China cannot become a big country in science and technology, and cannot become an innovative country. Data show that in the field of natural sciences, including physics, chemistry and biology, nearly 60% of Nobel prizes are directly or indirectly related to instrumentation. For example, after the invention of the microscope, people know that the world is composed of very small microscopic particles

on the other hand, some academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering and some experts in China's instrumentation industry have called on large enterprises from the perspective of industrial development that their control systems cannot stand on their own if they are monopolized by foreign countries. Because there is a slight disturbance, people will not sell you high-end instruments, or they will sell you instruments of twoorthree grades lower

Xi Jiacheng said that with the large-scale, complexity, informatization and integration of the entire equipment industry, the importance of instrumentation in modern industry has risen from the "five senses" in the past to the "nerve center" now. As large devices become more and more complex, sitting in the control room can see the whole scene. As a result of economic globalization, it is likely that some countries are brain countries that produce and export knowledge, while others are trunk countries that only import and apply knowledge. As a large developing country, China must have both a trunk and a brain. Instruments and meters are exactly the "nerve center" of the brain, because informatization is connected with the control system. Take the power generation equipment as an example. If the motor, boiler and steam turbine are domestic and the measurement and control equipment is foreign, the enterprise does not know what parameters to use to control the operation of the main equipment. The software sold to the enterprise by others is equal to "black software"

Xi Jiacheng stressed that without high-level and high-quality measurement and control equipment, large-scale, high parameter and complex working conditions of modern industrial major equipment will not be able to operate. Most of the process parameters, technical characteristics and know-how patents of modern process industry are implemented by the close combination of main equipment and measurement and control equipment software, which causes sample distortion and hardware. The role of instruments and meters in the heavy chemical industry and large energy industry, which represent the lifeblood of our country, is not only the "nerve center" of normal operation, but also the final safety barrier, because any abnormal reaction of potential safety hazards first appears on instruments and meters

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