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Yuxi, Yunnan: the manufacturing industry has sprung up and entered the fast lane

in 2016, equipment Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in Yuxi, Yunnan Province completed a year-on-year increase in total industrial output value of 5.5%, industrial added value of 25.7%, the growth rate of industrial added value ranked first among the "five major industrial industries", and the total industrial output value and added value ranked third among the prefectures and cities in the province, The equipment manufacturing industry shows a sudden development trend and drives into the fast lane

"if you want to be good at something, you must first sharpen its tools". Yuxi has always attached importance to the equipment manufacturing industry. It has always been placed in an important position of industrial cultivation. Manufacturing industries such as CNC machine tools, power equipment, casting, agricultural machinery and hardware have developed rapidly and occupy an important position in the equipment manufacturing industry of Yunnan Province

driven by economic restructuring, transformation and upgrading, China's equipment manufacturing industry is entering a new stage towards the middle and high end. The further development of equipment manufacturing industry is the internal need of Yuxi City's structural transformation and industrial transformation and upgrading. Facing the new requirements of the transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry, Yuxi handed over its own answer sheet and is accelerating its magnificent turn on the stage of industrial structure upgrading

precise and reasonable layout, building industrial clusters

on April 18, 2016, Huaning County, Yuxi City was bustling. Shanghai electric wind power group joined hands with 13 wind power equipment manufacturing and supporting enterprises to establish Yunnan wind power industry innovation alliance in Huaning County, forming an annual capacity of 400 packaged wind turbines with a capacity of 2MW, and basically building a domestic wind power equipment manufacturing industry base with complete supporting facilities

in recent years, due to the wind, driven by electricity, wind power has prospered. Yuxi City has implemented a number of high-quality wind power equipment manufacturing projects, such as business investment and industrial chain investment, with Shanghai Electric's annual output of 400 sets of wind turbines as the leader, and has successively introduced a number of high-quality wind power equipment manufacturing projects, such as Qingdao Lantian heavy industry's annual output of 400 sets of wind power towers, Shanghai Pearson boats' annual output of 400 sets of engine hoods, Zhongfu Lianzhong's annual output of 400 sets of wind power blades, and zhongzi Qing'an wind turbine monitoring system, Quickly build a wind power equipment manufacturing industrial cluster with complete supporting facilities

a few days later, Yuxi Jiangchuan district also ushered in its own big day. On April 22, 2016, the "Yunnan Hemei General Aviation Industry Co., Ltd." was jointly established by Jiangchuan Industrial Park Investment Development Co., Ltd. and the US China investment fund Co., Ltd

this is the result of the establishment of Yuxi aviation industry development leading group to accelerate the development of Yuxi aviation industry, closely focusing on the requirements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to build a "strong civil aviation province". On July 31, 2016, Hemingway helicopter began to be assembled, and it is planned to test fly two helicopters in the first half of 2017. In March 2017, Xueyu Flying Eagle Aviation Sports Co., Ltd. registered and established Yuxi cloud Flying Eagle Aviation Equipment Co., Ltd. in Jiangchuan District, and began to invest in the construction of the Czech light fixed wing aircraft assembly production project

with the good news spreading all over Yuxi, the construction of the characteristic base of Yuxi equipment manufacturing industry has achieved initial results. Such achievements are by no means accidental

Hongta District mainly takes Yanhe Industrial Park and Hongta Industrial Park as the main carriers, focusing on the development of high-end CNC machine tools, electrical equipment, high-end equipment manufacturing industry and new energy vehicles; Tonghai County will gradually move into the park to gather and develop by integrating existing equipment manufacturing enterprises, focusing on the development of electrical equipment, special hardware, agricultural machinery and other industries; Yimen County focuses on the development of metal products, metal surface treatment and steel structures; Huaning County focuses on building a wind power equipment manufacturing base with obvious characteristics and outstanding advantages; Jinshui District of Eshan County focuses on the development of high-end foundry industry and intelligent equipment; Yuxi Dahua Industrial Park focuses on the development of mining and metallurgical equipment and steel structure products; Jiangchuan district will strengthen cooperation with Yuxi high tech Zone, focusing on the development of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, agricultural machinery, aviation equipment industry and parts, new energy vehicles and parts, electronic information manufacturing and other advanced equipment manufacturing industries. Other counties, based on the existing equipment manufacturing industry, strengthen leadership, focus on attracting investment, constantly improve supporting industries, extend the industrial chain, and accelerate the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry

the six equipment gathering areas are different from each other and coordinate with each other, which not only avoids repeated construction, but also points out the way for the development of equipment manufacturing industry in each county. At the same time, the centralized layout among various types of industries has accelerated the formation of industrial clusters among parks, promoted the symbiosis of enterprises, parks and industries, the mutual supply of raw materials and the sharing of resources, and provided a boost for the development of enterprises

with the development and expansion of various equipment gathering areas, Yuxi equipment manufacturing industry has completed the turn of accurate positioning of its "style"

coordinate and strengthen leading industries and become sophisticated supporting enterprises

on May 21, 2016, Yuxi taibiao Industrial Park was full of colorful flags and drums. The 20th anniversary of the founding of taibiao group and the 2016 annual dealer summit were held here, with thousands of taibiao solar dealer representatives from all over the country and heads of national and provincial industry associations participating. At this exhibition alone, an order of 86.82 million yuan was signed

taibiao group can be said to be an epitome of Yuxi Municipal Government's strong support for the development of equipment manufacturing industry, especially in key areas. In 2016, in accordance with the requirements of the provincial government to support taibiao group and other private enterprises to become bigger and stronger, Yuxi City issued the "opinions of Yuxi Municipal People's Government on supporting the development of taibiao group", which made it clear that 10million yuan will be allocated annually from the municipal special support funds for the equipment manufacturing industry to support the development and growth of enterprises. The enterprise will invest 2billion yuan to build taibiao Industrial Park in the next five years, and achieve an annual output value of 10.8 billion yuan in 2020. Focusing on its development goals, taibiao group is making unremitting efforts to enhance its core competitiveness through technological innovation and new product research and development. In 2016, it implemented 12 R & D projects, invested more than 15 million yuan in R & D expenses, and applied for 9 patents, all of which were authorized in January 2017. Among them, taibiao precision casting enterprise technology center was recognized as "municipal enterprise technology center", taibiao solar was rated as "the first high-level talent innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base in Yuxi" and "Yunnan manufacturing single champion cultivation enterprise"

while actively promoting the upgrading and development of local traditional advantageous manufacturing industries such as casting, power equipment, machinery manufacturing, hardware and metal products, Yuxi also focused on the manufacturing of numerical control machine tools, successfully introduced Taiwan funded enterprises with industry-leading optical and mechanical production, registered and established Yunnan Zhengcheng precision machinery company in the research and Industrial Park, and successfully introduced 14 supporting enterprises into the park, At the same time, support Yunnan taibiao CNC machine tool company and other local leading enterprises to improve the production capacity of CNC machine tools. In just a few years, a CNC machine tool industry cluster integrating mining and casting, which is mainly used for ring stiffness iron smelting, casting, parts manufacturing, optical machinery production, CNC system assembly, CNC machine tool production, transportation, marketing and after-sales service of cement pipes ≥ 10kn/㎡, has risen rapidly in Yuxi. At present, Yuxi has a production capacity of 25000 machine tools

at the same time, Yuxi pays attention to promoting mutual support and supporting among industries. While strengthening and expanding leading enterprises, Yuxi will become a small and medium-sized enterprise specializing in fine supporting, develop and expand Yuxi's characteristic advanced equipment manufacturing industry, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading and coordinated sustainable development

according to the existing industrial foundation and characteristic advantageous industries, coordinate the mutual support and supporting of industrial development, and focus on building a CNC machine tool industrial chain composed of high-quality basic casting manufacturing, basic parts manufacturing, and high-end CNC machine tool manufacturing, as well as a power equipment industrial chain composed of hardware and metal products processing, electrical components and core components manufacturing, complete electrical equipment manufacturing, and wind power equipment manufacturing

around the two core industrial chains, strengthen the capacity building of "four Basics" (core basic parts, advanced basic processes, key basic materials and Industrial Technology Foundation), take the development of new industries as the core, transform to intelligent equipment, and promote the innovation and development and quality improvement of Yuxi equipment manufacturing industry. Accelerate the engineering and industrialization of key basic materials, core basic parts and components (components) and advanced basic processes, and improve the industrial basic manufacturing and collaborative supporting capacity. Vigorously develop key basic parts and components such as molds, precision castings and forgings, fasteners, etc., promote complete machine enterprises and "four basic" enterprises, scientific research institutions to establish industrial alliances, carry out cooperative research and development and collaborative research, accelerate the industrialization of independent products and technologies, form a community of research, development, production and sales, and support the promotion and application of core basic parts (components), advanced basic processes, and key basic materials

with the development and expansion of leading enterprises such as taibiao group and the healthy growth of supporting enterprises, Yuxi equipment manufacturing industry has gradually achieved a turn for harmonious and sustainable development

On September 25th, 2016, Yuxi Municipal Commission of industry and information technology and the Sino German College of engineering of Tongji University signed the framework agreement on industrial economic development cooperation. The two sides will establish a talent exchange and training mechanism, make full use of the advantages of the Sino German College of engineering of Tongji University in building the industry 4.0 intelligent laboratory first in China, and promote the process of Yuxi industry 4.0

while establishing a talent exchange and training mechanism with the Sino German Engineering College of Tongji University, Yuxi Municipal Commission of industry and information technology and the Municipal Education Bureau also established an information exchange channel between equipment manufacturing enterprises and skilled workers in various vocational and technical colleges in the city, building a smooth bridge between supply and demand for equipment manufacturing enterprises and graduates. This not only promotes the Innovation exchange and promotion in the industry, but also helps to carry out technical research and industrialization research such as intelligent equipment system and IOT integrated application implementation, establish manufacturing innovation alliance, and provide design and development, production process consulting and other services for manufacturing enterprises

at the same time, in order to enhance the innovation vitality in the manufacturing sector, the Yuxi action plan of made in China 2025 also proposes to support all regions of Yuxi City to build entrepreneurial bases by using parks or idle plants, buildings, etc., so as to provide low-cost and convenient entrepreneurial carriers for manufacturing enterprises in the start-up and growth stages. Actively explore the innovation of entrepreneurial incubation mode, encourage qualified entrepreneurial bases, enterprises and venture capital institutions to develop mass entrepreneurship space, and carry out the incubation mode innovation of "large enterprises" with "small enterprises" of "open technology platform + industrial resources", the whole industry chain incubation of "Industrial Fund + professional technology platform", and "exchange community + open office". Encourage maker space to build a manufacturing innovation platform with key universities, scientific research institutions and leading enterprises in the province, carry out collaborative incubation, provide small and micro manufacturing enterprises with services such as high-end equipment use, prototype design and development, production process consulting, and industrial chain support, and create a manufacturing maker space characterized by cloud services, cloud manufacturing, and collaborative innovation

with strong support, Yuxi has built a number of low-cost, convenient, all factor, open mass entrepreneurship spaces in various forms by using innovation and entrepreneurship carriers such as high-tech zones, science and technology incubators, University Science and technology parks, and guiding the role of industry leading enterprises, social organizations and other main forces. At present, Yuxi City has four provincial-level maker spaces, "Yunke Yuxi high tech maker space", "Yunke Tonghai hardware and electromechanical Industrial Park maker space", "Yunke huileku maker space" and "science and technology maker space". These four provincial maker spaces have a total public service space of about 10000 square meters, with maker office equipment and corresponding facilities

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