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Manufacturing enterprises should open the door and actively embrace the capital market. Manufacturing is the foundation of the real economy, and serving the real economy is the foundation of the capital market. Therefore, we should give full play to the function of the capital market to serve the manufacturing industry and the real economy

let manufacturing enterprises take advantage of the capital market to become bigger and stronger. On the other hand, the disillusionment of the real estate foam in turn affects the development of residents' consumption, which has been promoted by the government for a long time. For example, previously, the guiding opinions on financial support for the construction of a manufacturing power jointly issued by the people's Bank of China, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the CSRC and other departments proposed to vigorously develop the multi-level capital market and strengthen financial support for the construction of a manufacturing power. Actively support qualified high-quality and mature manufacturing enterprises to go public and raise funds in the main board market, and promote manufacturing enterprises in key areas to become better and stronger. We will accelerate the listing or listing of high-tech manufacturing enterprises and advanced manufacturing enterprises on the SME board, the gem, the National SME share transfer system and the regional equity exchange market, and enrich medium - and long-term capital strength. In the reserve pool of listed financing enterprises, we will focus on supporting manufacturing enterprises with strong innovation ability and good growth

manufacturing enterprises should open the door to make more submicron particles on the membrane surface maintain more lasting filtration efficiency and higher Merv classification, and actively embrace the capital market.

the author believes that whether it is "transforming and upgrading traditional kinetic energy" or "vigorously transforming and upgrading traditional industries", it fully shows that the manufacturing industry will still be the largest part of marginal change. "Made in China 2025" was launched in 2015, fully implemented in 2016, and now in-depth implementation. In a comprehensive view, China's manufacturing advantages will continue to maintain

however, in the process of manufacturing development, one thing to note is that we need to continue to expand to the high-end, obtain the most valuable link of the industrial chain, and obtain a higher premium, which is the key to development

in fact, with the successive implementation of various supporting policies, China's high-end manufacturing industry is facing an excellent opportunity to catch up with and surpass the world's advanced level. In this process, the capital market can fully play the role of "pulling a thousand pounds by four or two"

taking rail transit as an example, at present, the new train diagram of national railway operation, "Fuxing" China standard EMU will take the lead in realizing 350 km/h operation on Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway. This message is the re upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, which represents that China's high-speed rail technology has reached the world's advanced level

China's high-speed rail has become one of the representatives of China's high-end manufacturing industry, and it is also inseparable from the important platform of capital market. For example, CSR and CNR have made great progress since their listing. With the merger of the two companies into CRRC, the manufacturing of rail transit in China has entered a new stage of development

Ten enterprises said they would invest in expanding the production of lithium battery diaphragm projects

economic development has entered the new normal. To form a new driving force for economic growth and shape new advantages in international competition, the focus is on manufacturing, the difficulty is in manufacturing, and the way out is also in manufacturing. It can be expected that in the future, the manufacturing industry will still be the basis of China's strong economy in a wide range of areas covered by the operation of plastic granulators, and the effect of the capital market on the operation of manufacturing enterprises is obvious. For these enterprises, opening the door and actively embracing the capital market is also an inevitable choice in the future

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