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Producers are facing continuous pressure to reduce inventory of ethylene oxide

the price of ethylene oxide in East China has been falling for nearly three months. At present, the ton price fluctuates slightly around 10000 yuan, hitting a new low since last June. Although the price of crude oil has risen sharply recently, China's ethylene oxide has concentrated on capacity expansion, the market supply exceeds demand, and manufacturers have a strong willingness to reduce inventories. It is expected that there is still room for a slight decline in the near future. Manufacturers will face the double pressure of rising costs and more price advantages of products and falling prices

there are three main reasons for the recent decline in ethylene oxide prices. First, since March, the central bank has publicly withdrawn funds, and market participants expect that monetary policy will tighten, forming a certain psychological pressure on ethylene oxide market participants. Second, most ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol in East China are co production units. In the early stage, when the production profit of ethylene oxide was significantly higher than that of ethylene glycol, the willingness of manufacturers to increase the output of ethylene oxide increased significantly. The project of increasing the production of ethylene oxide products in No. 1 ethylene glycol unit of Shanghai Petrochemical has been completed recently, which has achieved good results in stable and healthy development. The production capacity of ethylene oxide has been increased by three times, and Yangzi Petrochemical, Sanjiang Chemical and other units were put into operation in the first half of the year. Third, the prices of non-ionic surfactants, polyether/polyethylene glycol, ethanolamine, choline and pharmaceutical intermediates, polyester chips, polymer degradable vascular stents with Kriging agent model, polyester fiber, ethylene glycol and other downstream products of ethylene oxide fell, and weak demand dragged down the price of ethylene oxide

in addition, due to the hot weather and limited transportation and storage, ethylene oxide manufacturers reduced prices to reduce inventory pressure from safety considerations

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