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After the smart door lock was exposed in the smart home profession, the door and window enterprises were inspired to make a variety of possible guesses about the development direction of smart doors and windows. They were open-minded to combine doors and windows with projectors, express services, etc., fantasize about infinite possibilities, and explore the wonderful international doors and windows in the future

with the spread of smart home, intelligent decoration has gradually become a standard configuration in home decoration. Especially in first tier cities, the trend of widespread Internet of things is further accelerating and expanding. As a part of the whole decoration output, doors and windows begin to play an increasingly important role in the development of smart home. As the biggest interaction window between home and the outside environment, doors and windows can extend too much locally. In the future, smart doors and windows can not only be operated over long distances, but also serve as guards for indoor homes. It is more likely to improve the indoor air environment and power through a door and window

intelligent promotion of domestic doors and windows has taken a step

in contrast to the domestic doors and windows profession, the development of intelligent doors and windows seems to be in a leisurely situation, and the changes in shopping malls that have occurred are significantly absent. As everyone knows, the wolf is at home now. Of course, it is gratifying that a small number of professional door and window operators with a wide range of horizons have now recognized this crisis and gradually promoted to smart doors and windows. They hope to layout in advance in the new round of competition and automatically grasp the future trend

standing indoors looking at the window, looking at the products and paying attention to the window itself, this is the universal thought of traditional door and window operators, which restricts their development, so that the development of window, a newly needed profession, has not been broken in recent decades. Smart home practitioners are more like looking out of the window. They pay attention to the convenience that intelligence can bring to the family and the changes that it can bring to the day. It is the whole house intelligent idea with a broader horizon. A "intelligence" makes some people see fear, but others see the future and trends. Two kinds of international values bring two different thoughts and horizons

smart doors and windows, find innovative points and complete the transformation

it has been thousands of years since the door and window profession has been carried out. Even metal doors and windows have a history of nearly 100 years. The long history has given the door and window profession a rich accumulation, but also constitutes a heavy burden. In such a traditional profession, people's cognition of door and window products has now formed a solidified concept. A few years ago, with the booming real estate market in China, the door and window industry has always been in the process of rapid growth, and many contradictions and deficiencies have been covered up in the blazing atmosphere of shopping malls. In the past two years, the economic pace has slowed down and the cost has increased. The development of the door and window industry has slowed down, and many door and window enterprises are facing transformation. On the other hand, the concept of smart home is in full swing, becoming the tuyere of cost pursuit. What kind of sparks will smart + doors and windows hit? This gives the shopping mall endless space for imagination

as for the practitioners of traditional doors and windows, smart doors and windows are still doors and windows, and they are still not separated from the field of products. The heavy previous history has imprisoned the wings of people's imagination, leading many door and window manufacturers to recognize the concept of smart doors and windows and try their best to transform to smart doors and windows, but they have always been lack of independence, and there is no way to break the original product development ideas, and they still stay in the research and development of traditional doors and windows. Regard smart doors and windows as a concept and gimmick. As a result, door and window dealers generally believe that smart doors and windows are far away from themselves, and they are full of mistrust of the practicality of current smart door and window products

doors and windows explore cross-border smart joint

as for smart home, doors and windows is a new carrier that can be full of fantasy. From home appliances to furniture and so on, smart home is extremely agile. Almost overnight, you can find yourself surrounded by various intelligent products. Although the fire of smart doors and windows has just been lit, doors and windows are an extremely excellent service carrier and Internet of things import for smart home. Doors and windows are a low-frequency consumption, but high-frequency use of things. People may spend their whole life on doors and windows only when they decorate their houses, but they always use doors and windows with high frequency every day. Doors and windows are closely related to human life

as for smart home, doors and windows can become human eyes, human limbs and human brains. It can use many functions, intelligence + doors and windows, which has infinite fantasy space. For example, users can use large floor to ceiling windows as screens to broadcast movies. Users can use windows to connect with UAV express, complete the collection of express, and so on. As for smart home, door and window products are only carriers, and the intelligence they can achieve is the growth point with fantasy and difficulty in the future

smart doors and windows are still doors and windows in essence, and together they will be just needed imports for intelligent decoration. When doors and windows encounter intelligence, when science and technology collide with doors and windows, a new application experience will be invented. In the future, whether traditional door and window practitioners will attack automatically and embrace changes, or whether smart home practitioners will rob across borders and encroach on shopping malls. It is not clear who can dominate the market, but what can be boldly predicted is that the future must be attributed to those who have pioneering ideas, dare to innovate and try, and embrace change

the smart home profession has entered the stage of rapid development. Door lock, door and window enterprises are exploring a new way to combine intelligence, automatically or forced. In the future, there will be more subdivisional occupations to participate in the team of intelligent promotion, and the intelligent trend of the home profession can no longer be obstructed


the slogan of smart home has been shouted for several years, and the development has never been slow. This year, it seems to be full of youthful vitality and rapid development. The home occupation really touches the promotion of intellectualization, and the door and window enterprises are actively transforming, opening unlimited associations, so that doors and windows can be combined with some services across the world, which is a big eye opener. In this process, innovation is always the central competitive force. Enterprises should innovate automatically and find new growth points




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