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The core of oufengming is not only fabric art, but also the way of life carried by product design to make the "house" more a "home", a place with temperature and emotion, rather than just a space

Lin Yutang said that happiness in life is nothing more than four things: first, sleeping in your own bed; Second, eat meals cooked by parents; Third, listen to your lover talk about love; Fourth, play games with children. Such a happy picture of three generations living together can be said to be the happiest appearance of home, but this is also the pain of modern people, and it is also the dream of modern people

what is the home that modern people really need

recently, the hit drama "my true friend" has come to a grand finale. The play separates "house" and "home", two images that have been equated by Chinese people for a long time, and has aroused widespread debate and resonance in society. What is home after all? Can reinforced concrete buildings really bring people a sense of security

In the play, Cheng Zhenzhen said, "house is a yearning of people for home"

indeed, now living in big cities, how many young people who work silently want to own their own house in big cities, although the unreachable house price will make people stop at a glance, and some people are struggling hard for their families

what is missing between house and home

a house is not a home. Only when there is love can there be a home. The relationship between people is the key to the composition of "home". Only the place where you live with the person you love can be called a home


the design of love makes a happy home

just like Cheng Zhenzhen and Shao Pengcheng, what they sell is not a house, but to help people find an ideal home. The core of oufengming is not only fabric art, but also to make the "house" more a "home", a place with temperature and emotion, rather than just a space, through the lifestyle carried by product design

every stitch is full of deep love, and every window is full of happiness and warmth. We hope to pass the true meaning of "love and home" to every family, so that everyone living in the house can feel the deep love for each other, but not the cold air

life is hard and it is difficult to buy a house, but "home" is the driving force of our continuous struggle and the ordinary you and I in the vast crowd of people in the city. We try our best to run forward and yearn for the best life in our hearts

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