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The deformation and cracking of solid wood furniture is a common problem in the industry, "do not split, do not call it solid wood". Solid wood furniture must have a certain probability of self destruction, which is an iron fact, and it is also a common nightmare for manufacturers and owners

the deformation and cracking of solid wood furniture are common problems in the industry, "do not split, do not call it solid wood". Solid wood furniture must have a certain probability of self destruction, which is an iron fact, and it is also a common nightmare for manufacturers and owners. The damage of expensive solid wood furniture is an extremely bad experience for the owner of real estate - he doesn't believe that such expensive furniture will cause so many problems that cheap furniture won't appear - they will inevitably fall into a thinking circle of price based quality - and they also believe that good quality must mean that it can't crack and deform

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therefore, using the word probability to solve experience problems will eventually ignore the feelings of customers. Making and selling furniture is a normal behavior, but buying furniture is a few behaviors related to the house. Generally, manufacturers will ignore the feelings of the 20% of owners. No matter after-sales or returning to the factory, only those who encounter it will understand - the one-year warranty period really passes quickly. This inevitably leads to a situation of mutual understanding and mistrust. Therefore, shimufang wooden door specially writes an article on furniture structure, which can make us better understand each other. In the face of facts, nothing is more important than communication

in the first few years of the popularity of solid wood furniture (actually not a few years in total), many manufacturers achieved a maintenance rate of 20% and returned 10%. This offset the slightly higher profits of solid wood furniture. China's manufacturing profits themselves are very poor, so some manufacturers return to composite materials. Those who insist on pure solid wood are still carrying expensive return costs and after-sales maintenance, which can only be made up through the cost budget. In the near future, the varieties of imported timber are limited, and most of them have increased their prices significantly, which also puts producers into a more tense situation. In the face of after-sales, they will become more impatient. This is a digression

the following paragraph, which was sorted out by chatting with our craftsman, is his question. One day, when delivering goods, craftsman Lao Zheng asked me a question: why is there no problem with my own furniture, but with our customers' furniture? This is a probability problem in itself, but it cannot be answered in this way

this is a fundamental factor that is largely ignored: the change of modern living environment, not furniture itself

I explained to him as follows: if they are quadrangles and bungalows, our furniture is almost maintenance free, and the factor is humidity. It is because the current buildings, floor heating, heating and other factors, the furniture is not grounded, and the humidity changes greatly. Furniture is insensitive to temperature

I have encountered some demands for maintenance. I hope we can repair some old furniture upstairs for them. These have been owned by their hometown for more than 20 years. They used to be good in bungalows. When they moved to new buildings, some people were reluctant to throw them away, so they moved to buildings, followed by cracking and deformation. This is not an example. If we pay enough attention and have relevant associations, we can find the key point of this problem. I once thought this was an unimportant problem. After many times, after slowly settling down, I found that this link is the most critical

natural and environment-friendly solid wood furniture reveals the beauty of nature and primitive. Coupled with its long-lasting durability and high collection value, it has always been popular with medium and high-end consumers. But some users of solid wood furniture say they are deeply troubled by "furniture cracking". What causes furniture cracking? Is there really a problem with the quality of furniture? What if it cracks? Xiaobian will uncover the mysteries for you one by one today

uncover secrets 1. Does the cracking of solid wood furniture indicate that there is a problem with the quality of furniture

many friends think that if the solid wood furniture cracks, the solid wood must be fake. In fact, cracking is inevitable even for real wood furniture. Even valuable red sandalwood furniture will crack when it is displayed in the Forbidden City, which also needs to be repaired

uncover secrets II. Count the four reasons for cracking of solid wood furniture

reason 1: the moisture content of solid wood

if the moisture content of solid wood furniture is not well controlled, there will be quality problems such as cracking and deformation. After the production of furniture, the moisture content and drying stress of wood determine whether the shape and material of furniture will change again. Therefore, it is very important to control the moisture content of solid wood furniture. The balanced moisture content will not crack and deform due to environmental factors such as sunlight, supercooling, overheating, etc

reason 2: the moisture content of furniture caused by weather is required to be one to two percentage points lower than the average moisture content of the actual air. Due to the difference of geographical location, the climate and weather in China are also different, so the requirements for moisture content of solid wood furniture are also different. For example, the annual average moisture content in Beijing is 11.4%, so the moisture content of solid wood furniture should be controlled at 10.4% or 9.4%; The average moisture content of the air in the south is 14%, while that in the north is required to reach 12% to 13%. Therefore, some solid wood furniture from the South will crack after being transported to the north

reason 3: improper use

some friends don't take good care of the expensive solid wood furniture, put it in the bedroom near the window, let the "baby" endure the sun exposure, or wipe the dust with a too wet towel, move the furniture at will, resulting in damage to the furniture frame, etc. These will affect the durability of furniture

reason 4: Transportation damage

furniture will inevitably be bumped during transportation. In addition, due to climate, the transportation of solid wood furniture is even more difficult. Although solid wood furniture is more "firm" than furniture made of other materials, it is difficult to escape without good maintenance

uncover secrets III. how to rescue the cracking of solid wood furniture

if no crack is found through visual observation, it is very easy to solve. Use 502 glue to drip along the crack, and then use a blade to gently scrape off the excess glue, but be careful not to hurt the paint surface of the furniture with a blade

if it is a small crack that has cracked, the treatment will be relatively complex. Two urgent remedial measures are provided for your reference only

1. Boil the old books and newspapers cut into fragments, an appropriate amount of alum and clear water together into a paste, carefully insert them into the cracks, and wait for them to solidify

2. Stir the white glue + sawdust evenly, insert it into the gap, and polish it with sandpaper after a day and a night




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