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Guide: the decoration of the gate is an indispensable and important link in the home environment. It is not only the symbol of the owner's decoration facade, but also guides the influence of the geomantic environment. Therefore, the decoration of the gate is also very exquisite. What geomantic problems should we pay attention to in the decoration process

1. The door cannot directly face the window. The back door or toilet

the door and window are the channels for regulating qi and the openings for air flow in and out of the house. According to the principle of "don't rush directly, like whirling", the door can't be connected with the window and back door, so the air flow is not easy to gather in the house. The toilet is a space for excretion, so it is not suitable to face the toilet directly

2. The door should not be directly facing the elevator

if the elevator is directly facing the door, it is difficult to ensure the privacy of the home. Psychologically, there is always a feeling of being monitored when entering and leaving, which affects the quality of home life. At the same time, the up and down elevators also form a continuous cutting magnetic field, disturbing people's living atmosphere, which will naturally affect the health of residents

3. The area outside the door should be clean and bright

push the door open and the line of sight should be bright. Don't stack any obstacles in front of the door, and there should be a space for free activities. Only when you enter and leave the door every day can you feel comfortable and smooth. If the doorway space is small, it can be adjusted visually by setting lights at the doorway or decorating with light tones

4. The gate should not be directly facing the corridor or passage

the gate should not be directly facing the corridor or passage. The depth inside the house is less than the length of the corridor, which is the most unfavorable. It can be decorated indoors with screens, which can achieve the effect of changing doors. If the house is on the ground floor and the gate is on the main road, ring trees or flowers can be planted

5. The gate should not be too narrow

the gate is the air port of the house, and the air port should not be too narrow. Open in front of the door is called open in front of the door

6. There should be three disappearances at the beginning

open the door to the stove and get angry; When you open the door to the toilet, you will see the toilet as soon as you enter the door, and you will be greeted by filthy gas; It is also inappropriate to open the door to the mirror

7. There should be three views at the beginning

when opening the door, there is red, which is also called happy at the beginning, that is, when you open the door, you see red walls or decorations, which gives you a warm and exciting feeling; Open the door to see green, that is, open the door to see green plants, full of vitality, can achieve the effect of nourishing and brightening the eyes; Open the door and draw. If you open the door, you can see an elegant picture. On the one hand, it can reflect the self-restraint of the residents, and on the other hand, it can ease the rush after entering the door

there are 3 pages in total, page 1 123 next page 8. The gate cannot be directly opposite to the big tree, dead end, fire lane or triangular street

the big tree should not be directly towards the gate, which will bring in excessive Yin Qi. Do not face dead ends, fire lanes or triangular streets, which are places with heavy yin or exhaust gas. There is no way to face a big mountain or the gorge of a mountain

9. If facing the chimney, it is not suitable to open the door

the door is not suitable for the chimney, because the chimney emits dirty gas and exhaust gas, which is particularly harmful to human health. In fact, it's not very good to have a chimney outside the house

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the basement belongs to the Yin and cold region in geomantic omen. What is the realm of yin and cold

the moist and cold air flows downward, and the warm and dry air rises. The downward airflow is negative, and the upward airflow is positive. The top of every mountain must be the place where the aura gathers, and all filth and miasma accumulate below the horizon. There is a design of a luxury house. The building is built on the side of the mountain. After entering the house from the gate, the lower floors are halls or, and the upper floors are bedrooms. This building design is not recommended. The reason is that after entering the house, it goes downward, which means that the air flow goes from top to bottom. Yin Qi accumulates, and Yang Qi is insufficient, which is not conducive to Feng Shui. Unless there is sunlight in the house, it is barely acceptable

if the sun cannot shine into the house, the place below the gate is a place of yin and evil, which is not suitable for living. If it is used as a toilet, kitchen or workers' room, it is OK, but the master room should not be set in the downward position after entering the house, but only in the upward position after entering the house

foreign houses often have basement, which can be used for parking, storage and other purposes, but it is not suitable for living. People who live in the basement must have bad luck. Unless the sun enters the house, they can't live in the basement for a long time, which will lead to serious illness and even death

houses in Hong Kong rarely have basements, but there are stairs at the bottom. The geomantic omen at the bottom of stairs is similar to that of basements. They belong to a dark and humid place, where five yellow and two black gather, which is very easy to cause disasters. Some houses are designed to walk down a few steps to the hall after entering from the big entrance. This kind of indirect is also the geomantic omen of the basement, which seriously affects family transportation. Living in such houses, it is best to find a way to fill the ground. Otherwise, consider moving

the house with the best Feng Shui, that is, the house that absorbs the most Yang Qi, must pass through the gate and then walk up to reach the center of the house. This is the reason why all palaces and Mahavira halls must adopt this design

in some duplex units, there are stairs at home. Remember, never put a bed at the bottom of the stairs. Sleeping under the stairs will lead to neurological disorders, serious diseases or incurable diseases. Don't take it lightly when arranging

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