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After the delivery of the new house, many owners begin to prepare to decorate their new home as soon as they get the key. However, we often ignore an important step, that is, house inspection. Now let's teach you how to inspect the house

first, check the kitchen flue. Fire the fire with a paper roll and put it about 10 cm below the flue to see if the smoke rises to the flue and is immediately sucked away

second, check the ventilation of the toilet. Vents should be left under the ceiling. When staying on the ceiling, use a hand lamp to check whether it is installable, and use the first method to measure the extraction force. Use a flashlight to check whether there is construction waste in the flue and vent

third, check whether it is empty. Put several layers of paper on the telescopic drum hammer (to avoid leaving hammer marks) and knock on the wall to check whether there is hollowing on the wall. If it is empty, there may be a risk of the overall surface falling off or cracking, which must be paid attention to

fourth, measure the wall and ground. Use a long ruler (or a special ruler with a horizontal ruler) to lean against the wall and ground, check whether it is flat, and observe whether there are scratches. How can decoration save money? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. Crack, whether the wall has a burst point (quicklime does not grow well when it is mixed unevenly, and it will form a burst point when it is dried on the wall)

fifth, measure the quality of emulsion paint. Whether the wall and ceiling are flat. When the surrounding light is dark, bring your own high-power bulb (200W) to illuminate. As soon as the light is on, you can immediately see whether the wall and ceiling are flat through the dark light. If it is uneven, it is necessary to put forward to re putty and paint. If the part has just been repaired, it will be different from the original color of the wall

sixth, check the paint on the door. Put a mirror on the top and bottom of the door and check whether these places that cannot be seen at ordinary times have been painted. If the paint on the bottom of the toilet door is not painted completely, over time, due to the humid environment and the high utilization rate of the toilet, the bottom of the door will rot and damage prematurely

seventh, check the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. The ceramic tiles in the kitchen and bathroom are to the top. It is necessary to check whether the internal and external corners reach 90 degrees, whether the four corners are free of collision (the four corners of the roof and the four corners of the ground), and whether the floor tiles and wall tiles are deformed, cracked and hollowed. Knock the floor tiles and wall tiles with a small hammer, and if you hear a hollow sound, it means that the tiles are not laid well. After a long time, the tiles may crack and fall off, so they should be laid again




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