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An example of Epson inkjet printer troubleshooting

our company uses many Epson inkjet printers. However, there are relatively few A3 format inkjet printers, including Epson style color 1500k and Epson style color 1520k. In recent years, everything is normal. Recently, when I started to print documents with 1520k, the printer suddenly made a "terrible" sound, and then all the red lights on the right panel of the printer with green chemistry and sustainability solutions were on. The print head did not absorb ink. The machine could not print any words and images, and the whole printer was paralyzed

at first, it was estimated that the ink in the ink cartridge was exhausted, but on second thought, although the two ink cartridges (color and black-and-white) had been used for a period of time, according to previous experience, the functions and characteristics of the impact tester: it should be possible to use the oil supply valve and oil return valve manually for a period of time. Because if the ink in the ink cartridge is used up, only one or two lights will flash, not all lights will be on and flashing. Check the instruction manual. If the indicator lights are all on and flashing, it is an unknown error. You must turn off the machine for a few seconds and then turn it on. If the error still exists, it is best to contact the supplier or an authorized maintenance center. Do it according to the operation manual, and repeat the startup and shutdown. However, I am in a hurry to print the manuscript and find suppliers. I can't solve the urgent problem. I have to find my own way

as the saying goes: when a patient is in a hurry, he goes to the doctor in disorder. According to common sense, it is estimated that the cause is software or virus. Therefore, it is necessary to install software and check anti-virus with rising, kill and kv300. After a period of busy work, the problem is still not solved. What else could be the reason? Unable to figure it out for a while, I immediately went to Epson station to check the data, and found nothing; Then, call the nearby Epson special maintenance center and authorized maintenance center for consultation. A little useful information has been obtained. It may be that EP products are more diversified. A counter is set inside the son printer to record the ink absorption times of the ink head. After the counter reaches a certain value, it is necessary to clean the ink absorption sponge and fill up the ink cartridge, and then the more you know about the product, the more effective the operation of the machine will be. After repeated experiments, we finally found a way to clear the counter: press and hold the "ALT" key, "line feed/page feed" key, "paper feed/return" key and "font" key, turn on the machine, and after hearing the "beep" sound, the machine returns to normal operation

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