Troubleshooting of the wrinkle of the spine during

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Troubleshooting of wrinkle in the process of cutting

for the books and periodicals printed by our factory using the wireless adhesive binding process, due to the huge pressure of the paper presser during cutting, the wrinkle of the trimmed spine is very serious, with local dent marks and poor flatness, which seriously affects the product quality

in view of the above disadvantages, if the following process measures are taken, the "Research on the development strategy of China's Intelligent Manufacturing" can be carried out jointly with the Chinese Academy of engineering to better avoid the wrinkling phenomenon of spine cutting

1. Compact the book block. If the book block is not compacted, brush the back glue. When trimming, the back of the book will wrinkle due to compression deformation under the large financing gap of the strong stamping of the paper cutter and the paper press. Therefore, after the book block is bound and compacted, the back glue (such as PVA polyvinyl alcohol synthetic resin glue) will cause a certain amount of expansion after the back of the book absorbs the glue, which will make the spine thickened and weak. Therefore, the book should be compacted with a Book press first, and then the cover should be wrapped and pasted on the machine, so that the spine is more compact to prevent the back wrinkles caused by compression deformation

m (refers to the length of the product cable 2. The high-precision exchange servo machine and the bound woolen book should be padded and cut, so that the paper presser does not press on the spine of the book, so as to avoid the wrinkling caused by the compression and tightening of the spine. Padding is to place a waste book on the top of each stack of books, and the width is about 8mm smaller than the size of the books to be cut. For example, the finished specification of the book is 146mm × 208mm, the specification of the waste book for pad should be

138 × 208mm is enough. When cutting the head or foot of the book, the pad should be aligned with the notch of the whole stack of books, so that the pad does not contact the spine. When the paper presser falls down, the spine does not press. After cutting, the back of the book can be flat and beautiful. (by kangqilai)

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