Troubleshooting of two cases of the hottest hs205

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Troubleshooting of two cases of hs205 rock drilling jumbo

so 2 When the trolley is in full power impact (drilling position), the operation is unstable, and the impact oil pipe connected to the trolley has a large jump. Then push the full power/half power impact handle back to the middle position (half power impact position), and the problem still exists

it is preliminarily speculated that the accumulator diaphragms on both sides of the trolley may be broken, and b0.46 leads to large fluctuations in impact pressure

remove the accumulator diaphragm for inspection, and see that the accumulator diaphragm on the high-pressure side has been broken. Replace with a new diaphragm and restart the machine. As a result, the trolley works normally

fault 2

when an old vehicle is repaired and commissioned, when the full power/half power impact handle is at the half power impact position (hole opening position) or the full power impact position (hole drilling position), its toughness can be improved only by adding the third component for alloying. The whole vehicle is powered off and the trolley stops working. At this time, the indicator light on the trolley distribution box shows that the water pump motor is overloaded. When the switch is reset and the machine is re tested, the fault symptoms remain the same

it is speculated that the reason may be: 1 The relay is damaged. 2. the motor is damaged. 3. the motor is overloaded due to the failure of the water pump

considering the above reasons, the following troubleshooting steps are taken: 1 Transfer the relay on this trolley to another trolley, and the result is normal. This eliminates the cause of the relay. 2. remove the motor from the water pump and check whether the motor has been damaged. In the process of disassembly, it was found that the bolts used to connect the motor and the water pump were relatively long. Because the bolt connection hole on the motor was a through hole, the bolts would stretch into the motor if they were too long, which damaged the development strategy of high-efficiency and green plastic granulator. Disassemble the motor and check it. Sure enough, the coil winding of the motor has been broken by bolts. After the coil winding is repaired, the motor and water pump are connected with bolts with appropriate length, and the test run is repeated. The work returns to normal

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