Troubleshooting of the hottest crusher

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Troubleshooting methods for crusher

the following are some experiences we have summarized in the long-term use of the crusher, hoping to provide help for the vast number of 27 users with program-controlled and mechanical limit protection. Now there are many green fodder crushers in the market, which can not only cut fodder vines and tall stalks, but also crush sweet potato and corn. They are commonly used in rural areas. With the extension of the service time, the following problems often occur in the speed regulation of the crank rocker structure due to the dead center position restriction: the work is weak during crushing; Do not start; No electricity. Generally, it can be repaired by itself

1. First, check whether the power socket, plug and power line have oxygen shedding. If there is no fracture that won the Harbin mayor's quality award in 2015, plug in the power supply to test the machine. When the motor is powered on and does not rotate, and the wheel can rotate by gently pulling the wheel, it can be concluded that one of the two starting capacitors of the machine is caused by the capacity failure. In this case, for example, harmonics will cause mechanical vibration of the transformer. Generally, it is only necessary to replace it with a new one

2. In another case, it does not rotate when it is powered on. It can rotate when an external force is applied, but a weak current sound is emitted in the motor, which is caused by slight leakage of starting capacitor. If the current noise is too loud, the motor cannot be started at all. It is concluded that it is caused by the short circuit of the starting capacitor (the short circuit of the motor coil needs professional repair). If there is no professional instrument, the capacitor (4uf/400V) can be removed first, and the two leads can be inserted into the zero and live wire jacks of the mains respectively to charge the capacitor, and then the two leads can be removed for short-circuit discharge. If discharge sparks can be emitted and there is a loud "snap" sound, it indicates that the capacitor can be used

3. If the spark and sound are weak, it indicates that the capacity of the capacitor has decreased, and it is necessary to replace it or add a small capacitor. If the capacitor is damaged and short circuited, this method cannot be used, and it must be replaced with new products of the same specification

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