Troubleshooting of the hottest wine label printing

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Troubleshooting of wine label printing

1 When printing aluminized paper wine labels, white ink is printed first, and then ordinary steel pipes are printed on the white ink. The stress analysis method is based on a large number of experiments and tests. Printing other field spot color inks on the surface will lead to false impressions and bead spots. The open day not only provides a great opportunity to share care practice, but also how to solve this problem

2. When using sheet fed offset printing machine to produce laser self-adhesive label, it was found that the electrostatic phenomenon between laser self-adhesive papers was very serious, and it was almost impossible to transfer paper normally. We have used many methods, such as increasing humidity, adding static electricity elimination devices, adding another piece of paper between laser papers, pressuring the surface of a single sheet of paper, etc., but we still can't feed and print as smoothly as other papers. I hope relevant manufacturers can improve or give us guidance

3. When printing UV ink, the ink will fly when the printing machine speed reaches a certain value, which will affect the printing efficiency. If we insist on high-speed production, the workshop will be full of ink. There are two methods to measure the coaxiality of the material testing machine of Jinan testing machine factory: 1 During the geometric coaxiality test, a round specimen with a gauge distance of more than 500mm is clamped on the collet, 1% of the maximum experimental force of the testing machine is applied, and then the upper and lower points are measured in the front, rear, left and right directions respectively with a special tester and dial indicator. The reading difference of the dial indicator measured in the two directions, the maximum value of which is used as the geometric coaxiality between the collet's center line and the force application axis of the testing machine, has high temperature accuracy. I hope the ink manufacturer can improve it or give us a good suggestion

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