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Representatives of Party members heatedly discussed Zeng Guangan's propaganda of the spirit of the two sessions, ZHENG Jin (vice secretary and President of the Party committee of the group company)

three key points of transformation and upgrading. Notes: the two sessions proposed to use high-quality development to lead economic transformation and upgrading. Secretary Zeng also stressed that we should adhere to the "going out" strategy, deeply cultivate the "the Belt and Road", accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, and under the new situation, How do you think Liugong can do a good job in industrial transformation and upgrading

Zheng: the national requirements for industrial transformation and upgrading are mainly to realize the transformation of industries from low value-added to high value-added, from high energy consumption to low energy consumption, and from extensive transformation and upgrading to intensive. As Liugong, we should do a good job in the following three aspects: maintain the progressiveness of technology, grasp the main line of supply side demand to improve innovation ability and meet the needs of customers. We should pay attention to the innovation of the whole machine, the key parts, the domestic market and the international market. For example, foreign markets should innovate in localization and on the basis of meeting the needs of local customers

make full use of the "Internet +" platform for integration and transformation. To make efficient use of resources and improve management, the transmitter should be sent to the laboratory or manufacturer for further inspection. Strengthen intelligent management of services. Improve the progressiveness of management and provide more and more convenient services. This requires our managers and all employees to strengthen learning, improve management skills and professional skills, and create a "Craftsmanship" of manufacturing, making the management of our enterprise more refined and scientific

Wang Songlin (company technical expert)

new kinetic energy to help quality upgrading

record: the spirit of the two sessions emphasizes that "old enterprises should constantly forge new unique skills". Chairman Zeng Guangan also believes that Liugong should deeply implement the innovation driven development strategy. How do you think Liugong can achieve transformation and upgrading at the technical level and glow with new vitality

Wang: high quality development has increasingly become the consensus of enterprises. Liugong has 60 years of accumulation. At present, our products have been exported to all corners of the world. Compete with the best construction machinery products in the world. Winning the competition depends on technological innovation and independent intellectual property technology, especially the technology of core parts. In terms of technology, we need to continue to adhere to a rigorous and scientific attitude, adhere to the market demand, strictly follow the LDP process regulations, take green, energy-saving, environmental protection and high efficiency as the technical guidance, accurately position, and develop products that meet or even exceed the needs of customers

Liu Gong is the pacesetter of China's construction machinery. We should not only become bigger and stronger at home, but also become the most respected excellent enterprise in the world. In order to achieve the goal of being widely used in many artificial rubbers, resins, including engineering plastics and other resins processed at high temperatures, we should focus on accelerating technological innovation and the construction of high-level talent teams. In the core fields of product research and development, manufacturing technology, information technology and so on, we must have our own unique and leading independent intellectual property rights, so as to firmly grasp the initiative in the development of the new era

Zhao Yunfeng (technical expert of the company)

create a new engine of technological innovation

record: what is the deepest touch on you by Chairman Zeng Guangan's propaganda and spirit of the two sessions this time

Zhao: the government work report highlights the main line of high-quality development and has important guiding significance. China's economy has shifted from the stage of high-speed growth to the stage of high-quality development. Under the new normal, technicians need to have new achievements

the country has entered a high-quality development stage, which is an opportunity for our technicians. Entering the channel of high-quality development requires more investment in new technologies and products, which requires us to do more things. Innovation is the first driving force for development and the strategic support for building a modern economic system. At present, we are standing on the tuyere of a new round of scientific and technological revolution. We should seize this strategic opportunity and aim at the world's scientific and technological frontier. We should not only have high-level research and development, but also have large-scale industrialization, so as to achieve catch-up and surpass from following and leading

yaozhengfeng (director of structural parts factory of excavator company)

meet the new needs of a better life

remember: Chairman Zeng Guangan advocated that there should be a quality revolution made in China. What aspects do you think Liu Gong should carry out the quality revolution

Yao: the government work report proposes to accelerate the construction of a manufacturing power, comprehensively carry out quality improvement actions, and promote the benchmarking with the international advanced level

I think the key to the quality revolution is quality, which is the core. I should carry out it from two aspects: product quality and product service. The first is the improvement of product R & D quality, which makes the product itself have the characteristics of high reliability and high efficiency. The improvement of manufacturing quality, including the conformity and stability of product quality

the second is to select and cultivate suppliers who can provide high-quality parts, and improve the service quality, so that customers can rest easy in the whole life cycle of the equipment

Huang Zilong (Assistant Engineer of the component factory of the loader company)

all happiness is achieved through hard work

remember: the two sessions put forward "the operation method of the fully automatic concrete pressure testing machine to carry out the reform to the end: connect the power line". As a party member, how to set an example for the masses with a new attitude in the process of innovation and reform of the company

Huang: Chairman Zeng Guangan mentioned in conveying the spirit of the two sessions that the people are real heroes because they have the ability to innovate, struggle, unite and dream. As a party member, we are also one of the people. I think I should take the lead in innovation, strive hard, unite the surrounding people, and adhere to the development as the road and direction proposed by the company, and take the work as my own career. There is no such thing as sitting back and enjoying success in the world. All happiness is achieved through struggle. In work, we should innovate and strive for excellence, actively work, boldly try, dare to be what people dare not to do, and drive our colleagues to participate in the trend of innovation and change

Zhou Yingfeng (Master of company skills)

inherit the craftsman spirit

record: the company's "13th five year plan" strategic plan mentions the need to create comprehensive intelligent technology. As a skilled person, how do you think to adapt to the new situation of comprehensive intelligence

Zhou: the government report proposed to comprehensively carry out quality improvement actions, carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, and create a quality revolution made in China. As a skilled worker in the front line, what I talk most with my colleagues in my work life is "craftsman spirit". Workers in the new era should seize any opportunity to learn. The plastic film blowing machine machinery manufacturing industry, which is open-minded, willing to try and dare to challenge, uses high-tech and correct attitude to constantly improve itself, and master more comprehensive technology to adapt to the new situation of comprehensive intelligence

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