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Passenger cars are optimistic about the future market. Throughout the year, sales fell in January and gradually recovered in February. The overall sales trend of domestic new energy vehicles decreased compared with last year. According to the passenger Federation, the total sales volume of domestic new energy passenger vehicles from January to February was 23.28 million, a year-on-year decrease of 30.5%, of which the production and sales of pure electric vehicles decreased by more than 20% over the same period last year

it is understood that many car companies have been prepared for the current sluggish market situation. Chery New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. takes the first quarter of 2017 as the buffer period for product switching in combination with its own development. Lu Huaping, head of marketing and brand Department of Chery New Energy Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., told China auto news that they had started to rush as early as the end of last year. When the subsidy was still high, dealers would lower a batch of inventory, so that they could sell vehicles at last year's subsidy price. At the same time, dealers would not pick up a large number of cars in the first quarter, and the market performance was relatively cold

Lu Huaping said, "Chery new energy's sales in the first quarter were basically in a state of active stagnation, and the manufacturers digested the costs. Until March, Chery new energy will not have two vehicles on the market, which has promoted the higher growth of this market. One is the EQ modified vehicle, and the other is EQ1, which can basically control the overall market rhythm."

BYD, another domestic new energy vehicle manufacturer, also suffered a setback at the beginning of this year. Data show that from January to February, BYD's total sales of new energy vehicles was 2650, accounting for 12.1% of the national market share, down about 5% year-on-year. According to the relevant person in charge of BYD, from January to February, the national new energy vehicle market was affected by the policy. Compared with formnext, the demonstration showed how to deposit silicone layer and use heat energy to enhance cross-linking when FDM printers are equipped with syringes. First, affected by the release time of the new energy vehicle promotion catalogue. The Ministry of industry and information technology officially released the first batch of 2017 "catalogue of recommended models for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles" on January 23, which has a huge impact on the sales of the whole new energy vehicle market; Secondly, due to the delayed implementation of the local new energy subsidy policy, the policy uncertainty led to the intention of customers to wait and see with money; Third, affected by the decline of national and local subsidy policies, at the initial stage of policy changes, the new energy vehicle market needs time to slowly digest the subsidy gap

of course, there are also individual car companies that have made arrangements ahead of time, bucking the trend in the current depressed market environment. Take BAIC bjev as an example. The sales volume of the company in the first two months of this year was nearly twice that of the same period last year. Referring to the reasons, Lu Hao, deputy general manager of BAIC new energy vehicle marketing company, said that at the beginning of this year, BAIC new energy launched a cost-effective national car ec180, and the market response was very good. At the same time, the release of the new "catalogue of recommended models for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles" in January also promoted the new energy vehicle market in February, and the sales volume of EC series reached 2800 in February

according to the ranking list of new energy passenger vehicles without substrate heating during film formation in the first two months of this year, the sales of the top models of BAIC EC series, Zhidou, yun100, Zhongtai E200, etc. are more than 1000 in a single month. It can be seen that micro electric vehicles have become the main force in the sales of pure electric vehicles, reflecting the potential for strong growth

all enterprises are optimistic about the future trend of new energy passenger vehicles. They generally believe that after the downturn in production and sales, the new energy vehicle market will gradually stabilize. It is expected that from the second quarter, the new energy vehicle market is expected to be strong, showing a growth trend of "first restraining and then rising" throughout the year

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