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Fang Hongwei: "try your best to meet the needs of customers"

Fang Hongwei: "try your best to meet the needs of customers"

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in the context of China's commercial vehicles driving down the growth level of the automotive industry, Shaanqi has achieved new development by relying on transformation and upgrading, and continues to be moderately optimistic about the power of rare earth prices, realizing the reverse growth of the lower jaw motor by re starting the lower jaw motor, and has attracted widespread attention. On November 17, long Hongwei, the director of Shaanxi Automobile Holding, had an in-depth dialogue with Bai Yanqin, the famous host of Phoenix Satellite TV, at the company headquarters

the data shows that in the first 10 months of this year, Shaanxi Automobile increased by 14%, 10 percentage points higher than the average growth rate of the industry. Fang Hongwei answered this question. Fang Hongwei said that this achievement benefited from the trust of customers and the positive attempts made by enterprises on the road of transformation and development. This step has also been recognized by the market. In the past, most product development used the reverse method. Now we strive to promote this point. Traditional experimental machines cannot achieve positive development. Starting from studying the needs of customers, we use technical means to provide valuable services and try our best to meet the needs. For this reason, the new products launched soon received a good response in the market. Fang Hongwei, for example, said that the new M3000 launched by Shaanxi Automobile in 2013 accounted for 40% of the current sales volume in 2014, when the overall market was relatively sluggish. It was no accident that Shaanxi Automobile could achieve such benefits. On the one hand, Shaanxi Automobile adjusted its structure to make its products meet the changing trends of the market, and on the other hand, it was also the result of the strategic transformation of the enterprise. In the past, with reference to foreign products and products of the same industry, what Shaanxi Auto did more was to improve. This time, on the new M3000, Shaanxi Auto started from demand, to technical solutions, from passivity to initiative, from imitation to innovation and creation, paid more attention to products, customers, and provided more effective services, so that the products achieved very good benefits

the identification of demand makes Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. focus on natural gas A lot of applied technical research has been done on the alternative energy represented by the improper adjustment of lifting guide wheels, and these technologies have been applied to products. Fang Hongwei said that the sales volume of natural gas vehicles of Shaanxi Auto Group is expected to reach 15000 in 2014, with an increase of about 50%

Fang Hongwei pointed out that in the era of Internet, innovation has become a demand and a normal state. In order to find the best way to meet the needs of customers, enterprises must learn to integrate social resources and build a new normal driven by demand and innovation. Shaanxi Automobile has grasped this key to build a service platform for the whole life cycle of products and the whole process of customer operation, so that our manufacturing is more valuable and confident. The industrial chain has been continuously extended, forming a whole business chain from front-end innovative research and development to back-end huge post market business, which has undergone earth shaking changes compared with the past

Fang Hongwei answered in detail the connotation of service-oriented manufacturing, the process of paying attention to the whole process of customer operation, and the impact of the listing of Shaanxi Automobile high-end tractor X3000 on the strategic layout of the enterprise's products

Fang Hongwei introduced that in the process of transformation and development, Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. took the "two concerns" as the guidance, grasped the development opportunities brought by the national strategy of the "the Belt and Road", focused on the 100 billion goals of Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd., provided overall solutions for customers, and created customer value. At the same time, it expounds the corporate culture of Shaanxi Automobile, and points out that the culture of Shaanxi Automobile is positive, constantly transmitting positive energy, and supporting the implementation of strategy. Fang Hongwei said that Shaanxi Automobile will continue to promote transformation and upgrading, and make greater contributions to China's commercial vehicle industry entering a new stage by relying on scientific development

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