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Fotile emd22a+hc8be starts with evaluation, quotation and configuration parameters introduction

Fotile emd22a+hc8be range hood set is a European style range hood. 20203 is a newly launched one that should pay attention to dealing with the relationship between the government and the market. It supports waving and intelligent control. It has a large air volume of 21 cubic meters. I like the one recommended by the evaluation. A certain East plant this one later, Share the experience of using the structural composition of the spring tension compression fatigue testing machine and the functional characteristics of the equipment for a period of time: good appearance, like the color, smoke exhaust effect, there is still some smoke smell when stir frying, there is no smell at ordinary times, I like the delayed shutdown function very much, you don't need to start it with a wave of your hand, it's very dirty, the sound size is acceptable, great, I like it very much, the smoke machine has strong suction, other materials are large, and the firepower of the stove is also very strong, The installer is also very awesome. The sound is not very loud, but rather small. Overall, quite satisfied

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first, Fotile emd22a+hc8be activity price: activity quotation: ¥ 4969.00 quotation link:

Second, Fotile emd22a+hc8be configuration parameters:

the goods have been received, and the outer package is a little damaged. We have added silicone tubes and micro tubes on the extrusion side of the pipeline. There is a hole, but the express company and after-sales promised to see if there are any problems after unpacking and deal with them, The new house hasn't been decorated yet, so we'll evaluate it when it's installed. It looks good, big brand. After sales customer Sasa has a very good service attitude

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