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Passage AI chat robot can talk in all major languages

passage AI chat robot can talk in all major languages

--ai driven conversation interface expands the function of supporting multilingual chat robot and supports global 24/7 customer service

09:17:20 Author: Source: CTI every business The materials that manufacturers need to test are also different forum comments: 0:00 at the 7th China smart city exhibition held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in early September:

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CTI Forum () news on July 19 (compiler/Lao Qin): passage AI, a provider of AI conversation interface, announced that it supports more than 150 languages, including simplified and traditional Chinese, French, German Portuguese, Japanese and Spanish. Companies can now provide near instant responses to customers around the world in their native language

passage AI has created a platform for building robots, which uses artificial intelligence and natural language to have a certain running space processing technology. It does not need programming and can be deployed anywhere in just two weeks. It adopts a complex in-depth learning model, involving advanced two-way LSTM technology and embedding. Through the artificial intelligence platform, it can accurately understand the natural language text and speech in a very complex way, and create an intelligent conversation interface, which can better identify the intention, extract the most useful, relevant and timely information, understand and respond to queries and search a large amount of data

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