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Passion feast, perfect interpretation of delta charm

in 1995, with strong R & D strength, Delta Electromechanical successfully set foot in the field of industrial automation with inverter products. Now, with the rich experience accumulated in the field of power electronics technology for many years and the good integration of motion control technology, Delta's high-efficiency products in the field of drive, control and motion have been highly recognized by users in various industries

in China, aiming at the rapidly developing industrial automation market, Delta Electronics Group's subsidiary in China, Zhongda Diantong, has now established 35 service points in China, with outstanding performance in the fields of textile, printing and packaging, food processing, building automation, machine tools, electronic equipment and so on. After years of hard work, it has established a trustworthy brand position in the hearts of customers. Delta brand has become a synonym for "high-quality products and complete services" in the field of industrial automation

on August 9, 2007, the large-scale tour exhibition of "2007 Delta Automation China Tour" held by Delta Electronics Group was solemnly opened in the capital Beijing. This event will comprehensively show the world's leading industrial automation products and innovative automation solutions of Delta Electronics Group, as well as its perfect high-quality services. As the world's leading provider of industrial automation solutions, Delta Electronics Group once again confirmed its commitment to "provide innovative products with high energy efficiency and serve users", making the theme of this event "perfect integration and feel innovation" more popular

the exhibition tour lasted for 4 months and will tour 24 cities across the country. At present, activities have been successfully held in 12 cities including Beijing, Harbin, Changchun, Shenyang, Dalian, Shijiazhuang, Qingdao, Jinan, Anyang, Xi'an, Chengdu and Chongqing. At the exhibition site, users from machine tools, textiles, automotive, electronics, food, machinery manufacturing and other industries had in-depth exchanges with Delta's technical experts. They not only had a deeper understanding of delta's brand, but also appreciated the style of the latest medium and high-end control products launched by Delta in 2007

new products emerge in an endless stream to power the high-end market

in 2007, Delta's new products emerge in an endless stream. At the "2007 Delta Automation China Tour" large-scale tour, these automation boutiques that reflect high-end technology and excellent performance were presented to the guests one by one, allowing them to fully experience the charm of this high-tech feast

in terms of frequency converters, Delta has fully considered that with the improvement of the overall level of domestic industrial control industry, the application needs of customers are becoming more professional and personalized, and the requirements for product performance and process are also increasing. Therefore, it has launched a v-bevel impact tester suitable for the high-end market, which is often used by scientific research institutions, packaging technology testing centers, packaging material manufacturers, foreign trade, logistics The 1E series frequency converter, which is used as a standing instrument for impact force detection in transportation and other departments, realizes the further miniaturization, lightweight, high performance and multifunction of the frequency converter

in terms of PLC, Delta has upgraded the performance of PLC products. The new dvp-eh2 series PLC and SV series PLC have strengthened the positioning control ability and network function. In 2012, the integration ability of delta automation products has been greatly improved, and the market share of Delta PLC in high-end machinery, special machine beds and building automation has been increased. For HMI, in order to meet the various needs of users, a new generation of B series 7-inch 65536 color 16:9 wide screen man-machine interface is launched. The product has a stable and generous design, modern shape, high texture screen, friendly design interface and stable performance, and is also very simple to operate

in 2007, delta launched B-series servo after A-Series servo. This servo product also maintains a high level of performance. Although it is a simple servo, it has excellent performance in all aspects. Its position/speed/torque control is integrated, and English and traditional Chinese (or simplified Chinese) can be switched at any time, making the operation interface humanized. In terms of instruments and meters, Delta has specially launched DTV series temperature controllers for the control with valves in the kiln equipment and water treatment industry

many rich products have been highly praised by the guests on site. These starry new products indicate that Delta Automation is gradually moving towards the medium and high-end field of industrial automation

in 2007, the global sales of Delta Electronics Group is expected to reach 38billion yuan, and the sales of Zhongda Diantong electromechanical business division will also break through significantly. At present, delta inverter, PLC and HMI products rank in the top ten in the domestic market share, which undoubtedly shows the strong position of Delta Electronics Group in China's automation market

the reason why Delta Electronics Group can achieve such impressive results is that they have been trying to bring more value to customers, and put forward unique and effective solutions to meet customers' unique needs, so that delta automation products can be widely used in all walks of life and improve efficiency for customers. Mr. zhangxunhai, general manager of mechanical and electrical business department of Delta Electronics Group, said: "Delta's business philosophy is based on customer orientation and market orientation. As early as 2002, delta established the first Taiwan funded postdoctoral workstation in Shanghai, and also established friendly cooperative relations with eight universities, including Harbin Institute of technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, bringing together a large number of scientific and technological elites, which will provide customers with more of the most competitive technologies and products."

innovative solutions improve customer value

in this large-scale tour exhibition, the guests enjoyed the perfect experience brought by the integration of high-end products through various dynamic displays such as PLC dual servo interpolation control system, constant tension control system and various machine tool special systems

among them, the display wall of "delta automation bus solution" has become the most attractive highlight. At present, high-speed and reliable bus network is the development direction of today's control technology. In 2007, delta broke through the level that PLC has only MODBUS bus. It not only introduced network interface modules tcp/ip, DeviceNet and CANopen network bus, but also introduced DeviceNet to RS485 and CANopen to RS485 modules, so that all delta products can be connected together through DeviceNet or CANopen. The scheme completely shows the three-layer network structure of delta automation products, which realizes monitoring through tcp/ip network, long-distance transmission through DeviceNet Network and direct drive by MODBUS

at present, the market demand for automation has changed greatly. Users are no longer satisfied with the improvement of the automation level of the device, but how can the whole plant even operate and switch under the condition of unknown achievements? Therefore, in practice, the whole enterprise group operates as a controllable and healthy organism, which requires the automation system to be systematic, comprehensive, real-time and accurate. Therefore, what automation suppliers propose is not just a single product, but a complete solution

"the reason why Delta Electronics Group, as a latecomer in the automation market, can quickly occupy the market is to formulate solutions according to customers' needs." Mr. Wang Qixin, general manager of Zhongda Diantong, a subsidiary of Delta Electronics Group in China, said. As a subsidiary of Delta Electronics Group, which is mainly responsible for the sales of products in Chinese Mainland, Zhongda Diantong established an industrial application department as early as 2002, integrating all products of delta, and launching a series of customized overall solutions for the textile, machine tool, packaging, printing, paper making, plastic, food, electronic equipment, elevator and other industries, so as to provide customers with maximum demand and create maximum value

the strategic idea of "user demand first" has created the rapid development of Delta Automation in Chinese Mainland. Since 2001, the annual growth rate of the Chinese market has been maintained at more than 30%, and has achieved a significant leap in sales. Delta Electronics Group will maintain this development mode, continue to cultivate the industry and create more value for users

improve after-sales service from China to the world

in addition to providing users with high-tech products and perfect solutions, delta is most commendable for its complete service system. During each tour of "2007 Delta Automation China Tour", delta introduced its innovative service concept and fast and considerate service system to local users. At present, Delta Electronics Group's subsidiary in China, Zhongda Diantong, has 35 branches and service points in China, and its cooperative dealers and agents have spread all over the country

in this tour, the highly praised by users is the high standard improvement of automatic zeroing of equipment swing frame in the aspects of maintenance timeliness, maintenance points, authorized maintenance and maintenance process services, such as shortening the maintenance time, increasing to 17 maintenance points nationwide, vigorously supporting dealers and developing into authorized service centers and establishing one-stop service management, etc

LV Shian, general manager of Zhongda Diantong electromechanical business department, said: "Our service is available 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, and engineers in our branches keep in touch with users anytime and anywhere. In order to better serve our customers, we also added five branches in Nanchang, Jiangxi, Changsha, Hunan, Hefei, Anhui, Changchun, Jilin and Harbin, Heilongjiang in 2007. Whether our products are applied in Xinjiang or Yunnan, we will enjoy our timely services. Chinese Mainland is delta after the North American market The second largest market of the group. Delta expects to take four years to develop Chinese Mainland into the largest market, and rely on this "homemarket" to enhance its radiation to the global market. " In fact, not only in China, Delta's sales and service points have covered more than 60 countries around the world, and the scope of services has covered the world. Therefore, whether in North Africa or Eastern Europe, you can use delta products without worry

"2007 Delta Automation China Tour" chose the northeast and West as the leading route, which shows that delta attaches importance to the markets in the East and west of Chinese Mainland. Premier Wen Jiabao once stressed that the revitalization of the northeast and western development strategy is the two wheels of "East-West interaction". The technological transformation, factory automation and enterprise informatization of traditional industrial enterprises all need a large number of industrial automation systems. This is a market with great potential. At present, Zhongda Diantong has a huge and perfect service network in the country, and can provide comprehensive services to customers all over the country at any time and anywhere, which also provides a stronger backing for Delta's market expansion in the northeast and West

standing on the stage of automation in the world, Delta Electronics Group will continue to glow with dazzling light. In the future, it will continue to practice the commitment of "providing innovative products with high energy efficiency and pursuing better quality of life" for the automation industry, and provide more value for users

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